Turkey Oak leafing This is a tree, Turkey Oak (Quercus laevis) in spring.

2007 - notes on Fire the Grid

On July 17 I took part in this event: Fire the Grid (http://www.firethegrid.com/eng/eng-home-fr.htm. In 2015 that link is broken but the Fire the Grid website has the links archived). It was a landmark event. Here are some brief notes.

Up before 5. It is hot already, so I'd better walk now. Several plans, each falling through. I want to connect with Elo's rings, Mel's transcendence (my ex-husband who is terminally ill), grid firers and grid. And fire. Walking the beach would be the most far out but might meet someone and I don't want to talk. I want to focus inward. Well I can say so. I'm heading beachward, but then realize I don't want to be in a car. I head for our nature path to the lake. This lake (with its spirit Ester) is my most place connection or connection place here. I'm asking the deer lichen (commonly called deer moss) if any would be willing to grace Mel's altar. I say I'll come back.

About 5:40a.m.
fire the grid
Keep your mouth closed. Bugs fly in.
Coming west over the bridge over the lake,
connectors connectors (see drawing),
peace sign configurations up and down.
Asking for connection builds it.
There is another chakra to the womb. {I was attaching connectors to chakras, starting with top. Needed extra. Then went on to hands, feet, and aura.}
To Mel connections go to each wavy radiant of his soul exodus connectors. Soul I/O.

5th phase of consciousness. {I had realized that the pads at ends of connectors resembled the pads envisioned in Prayer Phase, in the Spirit Coil Skin. Could remember that they opened out with jaggy fingers and that way they could form with others the snake skin of the spirit coil. But not clear on distinct four phases.}

When ask for fire, universe builds connections. Beyond grid. Walking back from the bridge, suddenly realize I'm heading for the power station. What a way in play on words to fire the grid. There is a physical connection to electric and even wireless there in the power lines and their messaging. I realize this time is just after sunrise, when the sun clearing the horizon and for me is burning through the trees. I've been seeing this ever since turned back east, coming across the lake.

At 6:11 I'm at power station. Looking at newly risen sun light fires me. I ask for Elo's rings and see buffalo eyes. I meditate and feel deeply the growing intensity of firing the grid.

Walked back the same way I had come. The cattails are glowing when i retrace steps. The sun on top is reflected in the water.

Coming back over the bridge a person was coming around the bend from the east. I was glad I could cross the street and get away.
Don't want connection with real person! That's what I need to work on. After realizing that firing grid is limited by needing to be alone to be inward, I immediately see two women sitting on the curb in the sunshine. They are Mexican, could be illegal aliens, most probably working at the restaurant here. They look at me a little uneasily I think. My thought process is the one between people about Mexican workers in US. Fraught with controversy and guilt and high emotions that there is a big problem. And one that our government can not solve. However, my first feeling grants all that but I feel a warm connection to them as humans warming in morning light as I am. I smile radiantly and say a hearty hello. They smile in reply. Is that the solution, to acknowledge the common connection and feel good about it?

A small piece of deer lichen comes in for the altar.


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