cosmic spheres

Soul's reach

This drawing has always stuck with me as one of the most honest expressions of my quest and experience. It is mystic and inscrutable. I find it hard to explain. Yet, it just feels right.

Looking again at soul's reach, I'm dismayed. First of all what does "soul" mean? Could be very misleading and I'm not sure I really believe in souls. What I meant in the title was to indicate my essence, spirit, or higher self. Could the image look like passive connection to dark arts? Are the double-nubbed mounds seat backs in a theatre or gravestones, devil-horned? Am I a tool for power?

I see it as an ordinary grounded person in a sea of possibility, where I'm getting help from my whole self to connect with the dynamics and inspiration and light from the unknown potential ahead of me. The nubbins are like sunflower seeds, could be nutritious. The colored, radiant ones at the top of the drawing are more enlightened.

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