Mole Cricket Tunnels

Lookout for 2007 - Back to Nature 6

The SWCC Back to Nature festival for 2007 is the sixth annual event. I attended dawn meditations at Grayton Beach with Phillip Ellis of One Hand Clapping on Oct. 21 and 22 for back to bliss. On Oct. 21 I went to two sessions in Topsail Hill Preserve State Park on the same trail to Campbell Lake. The first was "Tracking the Wild Critters" with Mike Townsend. The second was "Freshwater Ecology" with Alan Knothe. The photo on this page shows turnnels made by mole crickets in the sand by the water of the lake. The sand had been pounded by heavy rain during the past few days, so it looks hammered and dimpled. Previously, drought affecting most of southeastern USA caused the water to be much lower than it is in this picture.

See Back to Nature 1 for links to other annual events. Back to Lookout 2007 (deer lichen) or Lookout.

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