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Evolving, Elobeing: 2011-July


(Driving on a trip) Thought about creating 5D world inviting Elobeings. Was told that (Elobeing) is or was a transitional state, not a new species.


Walking in New Jersey streets. Looking at landscape and architecture details. What am I doing here? What about 3D -> 5D (hope this link to a Facebook event lasts longer than the 40 days of the event with intent to manifest the collective vision of our new 5D earth)? Visions open to fields of Elobeings with human elements emerging in irises above (really CLBs). Are generators/evolvers. Xfrmrs. Lights circulate in METs. Banners fluted tri-fold (like the drawing of Three Tiers) on right edges and bottoms. Seems to be propellants and vents. Like each banner waved from within but might be also waving themselves. Tubes coming into MET from above remind me of admission tubes in mind. Light blue banners to white edges as the blue NRG core heart. MET part is the brilliant multi-colored moire. Each having circulating lights can sprout lights and kind of pop pop pop juggling balls.

Fat star fish with ringed arms being exported between. See sketch of star exported at the top of the page.

Robins still here. Seeing interesting growths on Elm tree leaves and twigs. Wondering if evolution always includes parasites and destruction.

From 3D red and green to 5D blue and yellow. {When transfering this from hwb to journal, remember seeing this on arc of color from red at left to blue at right.}

Powering all is the (what is that rayed thing by that 4 D guy) enneagram by Ouspensky. Couldn't even get Gurdjieff when walking. Came to me later.


Feeling the Elobeing field. Seeing from above, at say 30 degree angle, so can see the spinning. {METs are spinning?} This should be interactive 3d rendering. So viewer can move around as fast and nimbly as I can in imagination.


Visions of Elobeing generators rather sparsely spaced. Thought about populating the local parking lot. Seems like the little figures that appear over out of the irises can create a duplicate with a wave of the arm, shazam. But suddenly a much larger Elobeing, like mushroom cloud, banners about halfway down in earth appeared. Quickly expanded and descended to earth, expanding within earth until MET ringing earth. Writing about it now, seemed somewhat a repeat of Leo death and cremation visions (see Leo Cremation Vision). Falling to earth and expanding to ring around. Legacy of Leo.


Day Out of Time. Had some vague thoughts about xtal circulation being the same for all beings including Elobeing and Sirians.

During meditation number 3* I had a brilliant flash experience. Was seeing the Elobeing MET around earth. Reconciling that with Rainbow Bridge, with octahedron within. When rotated the flat bridge I had a spasm that forced a wailing cry or toning or song, kind of musical moan. That seemed to powerfully signify a choice, like the right path. The banners seem to be up on earth doing something healing. They function not only as wings but as hands, but aren't anatomical. Think pineal circulation. The rotating the flat bridge was fixed in mind by the last video I saw Imagine the synergy.


On morning walk. As for visions, seems there is a sunken Elobeing MET about the size of Blessings Beach.


No more dallying in life's delights with photos of my little earth life. I need to record these visions. Or if it is beyond my capabilities to transmit, at least get it clear for myself. Have to admit that several times I've been wondering if my mission is to simply visualize. Maybe I'm a spiritual artist in a spiritual world. Hmm, that came out rather clearly. Arguelles says we would really transform. I'm like one of the cells in my body. The cells, by the way, are getting really up to speed, have my same consciousness, like humor, like laughing at myself this morning at some bumbling mistake. All the cells laughing chorus. Great invention to stem loneliness, hope is not fatally narcissistic.

For the Elobeing evolutionary update, thinking about the death vision, which is online here: Caroling/leo/LeoCremationVision.htm.


Asked about 5D and saw the water as field of elobeing transitors {sic, transistors? No, I think I intended a short word for transitioners}. Zaps coming down to centers. From where? Are we evolving earth with something far out?


I opened to 5D and there might have been a field of Elobeings, but one big one straight overhead, complete with iris and zap to straight up. Not my axis, so when I bent over, I'm off. Must align straight up. It feels like my personal Leo Elo Elobeing who embraces me with banners that swirl right and left like the patterns of the Sirius crystal in the pineal pinecone. This is over my whole body and melting inward to each cell.

mysterious writing or doodlesancient languagesBut the banners are like the ones at the two lakes in Peru between Arequipa and Puno, where I received the ancient languages in 1980. It is also like the earlier 1978 drawing, Chakra Speaks. And like Phyllis Wiener artworks, 2012. Elo gathered these {has been since 1992} from all over different dimensions and states of being. Dimension is almost a scale like time and space. So the languages can be from different spaces or from our space, say a different galaxy, but Elo would have gathered via spiritual dimensions.

Elobeing is downloading alphabets and glyphs from all gathered, not a single one. I see them pouring down the banners like children's alphabet letters. Tumbling in. I need to attune, receive, and distribute, that is flux that process with breathing. Admit with breathing in. And distribute with breathing out. The last gasp flushing out old preconceptions of language and cleans me to receive all these words. Flashed through my mind the biblical in the beginning was the word. So I'm getting new, expanded and greatly magnified word capability of perception.

I see the last letters trickle in, leaving plain white or clear banners. Understand, that is, Elo says to store in 5D tets as described in the rune transmission for pjorn.

{To the right is a detail of some writing, see more about it.}

Elobeing X-refs or Journal Evolving.

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