John Beauchamp drawing

Phyllis Downs Ames Wiener

Phyllis Weiner died on January 1, 2013 at the age of 91. I remember her once saying that being 80 years old was the pits, not good. She had tried to commit suicide and failed. She cautioned not to try that because then you lose all control of your life. However, the stronger memory is of the 90-year old woman, still clearly perceptive, caring and with a marvelous sense of humor and the lovely ironies of life.

These images show Phyllis in Minneapolis, MN, August 4, 2012. On the walls, her constructions and paintings are of her last creative work, the result of years of artwork stretching back before I met her over 50 years previously. Back then, she was the wife of Allen Downs, my teacher at the University of Minnesota. She was a friend and mentor until I left in 1962. Looking at these works, she mused that maybe these were primitive language symbols. That instantly linked to my visions of ancient civilizations (scroll down below 8-1-2011).

John Beauchamp drawing
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