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These pages are to give flight to your imagination and information for evolution. See the Gateway of Dreams for December solstice 2000 at Wrinkle 13. Four new runesigns appeared in the rift. Here are some excerpts from my journal, starting on 12/28/1997, that explain the images.

"Picking up on the tetrahedron theme in previous years, wondering if runes were in tets, which go where? Looked at my chart and saw eight vertical lines of four. Pretty interesting runestories. On the hint, I would create one more tet for this healing. It is to be made of new runes. So I did the drawing aligning the new tet with the following yoga pose, that is, I bring feet and hands together at ground before raising up. So let's design the new runes, their colors and their meanings. Think I'll draw them here.

"Nodule, raisin, zero, and triangulate are the meanings.

  1. Afrun Afrun - Nodule is when you have a point of consciousness and you expand and then bring the results to the point. Related to gathering repressions. (Rune 27)


  3. JertJert - Raisin is when you concentrate as it is in all its irregularity and interrelationship with all. You can meander, as in wander the winding paths over the contours of this complexity. (Rune 28)


  5. ScrallScrall - Zero is to keep equal shamanic ties to the undivided at the Noint Joint, for all your worldly ties to the divided, so having a very tight balance. Not wildly dynamic as the raisin can be. This is perhaps the most beyond our capabilities of any of the new runes. (Rune 29)


  7. Pjorn Pjorn - Triangulate is a tetrahedral kind of triangulation. I need to learn more about this. As 5D grows from roots and synergizes existing 3D and 4D, so this tetrahedronation is to tetrahedronate or tetrate and do tetration. Is not four triangulations combined? Is a single triangulation with another overlooked aspect of angles. The symbol suggests that the ends of the lines might have a different angle to the node than the inner triangle of lines, when seeing 5D. Here straight lines. There raisined lines. Argh. This is difficult but extremely rich. (Rune 30)

  "Funny, I didn't get turned on until started to 'rune'. So rune is like ruminate, sort of, but a verb meaning to spy symbols for meanings. Descry might be better word than spy. To rune. What a blessed freedom.

"Of course this is rather transparently totally related to my favorite concepts. Would I dare to add these runes to my color healings? *

"I could put them on the Paso {Gateway of Dreams}. When did drawing, saw that the inner slash of the sun path could be two flat tets, with the previous eight runes as vertices. Don't know the meaning.

12/31/97 "Thinking I could now work on the 3D vibes for the unseen colors. How about seeing them as coming from the rift in the sculpture? The moss, grass, road, traffic, buildings, horizon sky, high sky, trees. Nine aspects of light in unseen vibes. Even meaning is unseen! Interesting that the angle of the light creates a beam that varies like vibes. This is like a breakthrough thought, I feel. Just as the rift in the sculpture is a break through the sculpture.

"Maybe a tetrahedron is the clue to unseen vibes. The way it breaks itself to a light source determines the kinds of vibes. What would they look like in an equilateral tet? In a graphic program I could take the sculpture and distort so that it is equilateral. And I could move the rift around to create varying unseen vibe shapes. It is a way to draw the vibes without drawing their edges, which would make them seen.

"Interesting, I seem to have the same word for what covers and what is covered {muzzle}. Kind of same as for the unseen vibe, the shape between is the thing. This is definitely the next panorama!

"Relating fabrics to vibes. The vibe is a costume for the meaning, which is the empty space within the vibe. Perhaps the vibe creates the tet, which creates the surround space, which creates the sun, moon, and stars. Inverse of the creator is the creatu. Which is like creature. Interesting to think that the meaning of life itself is the creator, it comes from the interstices to create an environment around itself.

12/31/98 "Each of these can be varied in several ways. Nodule (gather repressions), raisin, zero, triangulate (tetrahedronate). Runes of Nume."

You need get Flash Flash 8 or higher to see the Flash movie. See immersive imaging for help, info, and all other immersive imaging, including QuickTime movies, at Wholeo Online. See also, the list of Caroling's wrinkles.

* Adding these to my list of runes and color healing generator.

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