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Blog July 27, 2011, Google Searching wholeo.net

Above is a screen capture of my Firefox browser with a Google search.

I have a new toolbar starting with Caroling+. Is this because I joined Google+? I don't know what you might see at https://plus.google.com/ where I see my profile. Yes it is completely Google+y. Google+ed!

I searched for "Rainbow Bridge" at wholeo.net to see what I've published already. See it in the text box as rainbow bridge site:wholeo.net.

The first link to 13-Moon Calendar Notes is my intro to the rainbow bridge of Jose Arguelles and Year 2012.

The second link to What Does 2012 Mean For Us is text of a talk referring to Arguelles' rainbow bridge.

The third link to SF Hall of Justice Glass Design is my use of the term describing a connection between two sides with tiny rainbows of colors in it. Would like to add my memory of creating the rainbow bridge image for the SF hall of justice glass design page but am getting too thinned out. It was in Buena Vista Park and Rom and his woman friend were swinging and I was feeling our connection, meeting them at a rock and roll dance with Irwin on acid, and their interconnection and our connection to near and far view and total interconnectedness of all. Beautiful memory of sunny happy park times, floated above the memory of being there with Leo alone when some young men appeared throwing stones at us, so I left. Which is a dark, shadowy memory. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buena_Vista_Park. I regret losing the designs. I have the actual notebook with sketches made before the transparencies for the model. Should scan their vivid color. Here I was worrying about what to publish today and already have scratched up a year's work that can never all be done. Sob. Time is Art but Art is Too Much Beyond Time.

Clicking the area of a search result pops up a preview of the page highlighting and magnifying the search term source. Once activated, merely hovering over a result area triggers this feature. Very nice.

The fourth link to Whole Days Calendar, 2000 is to broken links about the Mayan Calendar Rainbow Bridge but the domain tortuga.com still exists. It's the first place that provides much detail on the puzzling statement, Time is Art. I must explore and get on their list of artists at http://www.tortuga.com/portal/art.

On December 7, 2011 I'm adding Lookout 2012 Mindfield, with its focus on the Rainbow Bridge.


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