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Creek Path Proposed Sign locations, continued

This page fills in the Creek Path sign locations defined on the Creek Path page. The style is not uniform since these are suggestions. For example, when the path is interrupted by a roadway, should a sign have a single or double arrow as in the difference between Sign 2 and Sign 10 location suggestions? I think two arrows show that the path continues.

The color of the signs are orange for most trail or path signs I've been on in Walton County. Sub-trails are blue. The Creek Path might be a side kick of the Greenway Trail system (not the street but the foot and bicycle trails). So it could be that its signs should be blue.

Here is a collection of some other local signs.

See project plans on the Creek Path page. See 3-minute movie.

Access from parking lot near Chamber of Commerce Sign 1 location. Starting at the Walton County administrative building parking lot on Coastal Center Trail, take the pedestrian walkway to the west to go either left or right (south or north) on the Creek Path. This sign would be on the south side of the street and would point at Sign 2 location, on the Creek Path going south. Coordinates: 30° 22.510'N 86° 10.843'W

Suggested trailhead signage Sign 2 location would show the Creek Path entry down a steep bank from the Coastal Center Trail. The arrow would point south. The creek is to the west and flows under the bridge. The bank is eroding from foot traffic. It would benefit from being reinforced with steps or gravel or any solution to promote continuity for hikers continuing north or south, protect the bank, and prevent storm runoff problems from the road into the creek. Coming north, through hikers will come up to the road and need to see Sign 10 location to find the path entry on the north side of the road. A sign in the median divider on Coastal Center Trail might be helpful. See Sign 2-10 location. Coordinates: 30° 22.515'N 86° 10.883'W

arrow signs mark the path Sign 3 location would be visible from Sign 9 location in the west at the junction of Greenway Trail and Community Way that leads to JD Miller Rd. at the other end of the bridge over the creek. Double arrows would ensure that hikers stay on the path north and south. Coordinates: 30° 22.421'N 86° 10.889'W

South end of the Creek Path

Sign 5 location would be at the junction where the path emerges from the creekside forest path to skirt the edge of a large drainage pond and the forest edge visible from Hwy. 331. Coordinates: 30° 22.297'N 86° 10.848'W

South end of the Creek Path

Sign 6 location would mark where the path crosses S. Greenway Trail (the college access road). The path here relates to the lovely view from the bridge of the large waterway to the north. South and slightly west of here would be sign 8. Coordinates: 30° 22.261'N 86° 10.853'W

Creek Path entry to south endSign 8 location would direct path traffic across S. Greenway Trail and east over the bridge to Sign 6. South of here the path is paved to the bridge and the end sidewalk at Sign 7. Coordinates: 30° 22.258'N 86° 10.881'W

Access to the north End of the Creek PathSign 9 location would be at the junction of Greenway Trail and Community Way that goes west. This sign location is to direct attention to the Creek Path at the east end of the bridge, see Sign 3 location. Coordinates: 30° 22.416'N 86° 10.925'W

Creek Path entry to north endSign 2-10 location could be in the center of the median on Coastal Center Trail (Coastal Center Blvd.) It would be visible from the south (Sign 2 location) or north (Sign 10 location) on the Creek Path when coming up to the road. It also is to alert drivers going to the library, the administration center, the university and the high school.

Creek Path entry to north endSign 10 location would be at the entry of the Creek Path north of the junction with Coastal Centre Trail. Coordinates: 30° 22.540'N 86° 10.880'W

Creek Path entry to north endSign 11 locations would be at a group of four sign areas shown here as Sign11a, Sign11b, Sign11c, and Sign11d locations. These arrows are to guide hikers along the path that is intersected by a bridge to the west and fenced communication tower area to the east. Coordinates: 30° 22.616'N 86° 10.832'W

Creek Path entry to north endSign 11b location. Looking east, the path goes north to the left or south to the left.

Creek Path entry to north endSign 11c location. Looking north, the path is straight ahead.

Creek Path entry to north endSign 11d location. Looking south, the path is slightly right and then straight ahead. Another sign to the south might be needed so hikers from the north don't go over the bridge.

Creek Path entry to north endSign 12 location. On Greenway Trail a crosswalk over the street connects the high school to the bridge and the Creek Path to the west. This sign location would point to the path but is not on the path. Coordinates: 30° 22.633'N 86° 10.862'W


See a Google map of the path, existing features, and proposed sign locations. See examples of local trail signs. See 3-minute movie. See the Walton Outdoors article with photos, "Explore the Creek Trail in Santa Rosa Beach". Back to the Creek Path page.

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