Matt Stanford with trophy

Matt Stanford taking off at Wanaka

Leo Geary Memorial Trophy 2011 winner Matt Stanford

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On January 30, 2011 Matt Stanford writes:

"My name is Matt Stanford and I am really proud to have been awarded the Leo Geary Memorial Trophy at the PG Open in Wanaka.

"I have been flying for 19 months and as I look through the info here on Leo, I realise we share passion for the sport and the outdoors. After I qualified to fly, I quit my job and spent the paragliding season in Nepal!

"The PG open was my first competition and although nervous, the organiser, Mark Hardman, agreed that it would be a valuable learning experience. We only flew two days due to the weather but I enjoyed both flights. I broke my personal distance record, won the class, learned heaps and made loads of friends. I must thank all the experienced pilots for their help and advice and of course, Mark and the organising team for running the competition.

"I am continuing to chase the weather for the rest of the summer and I am already looking forward to flying in next year's PG open and hopefully Manilla next season.

"I have attached some photos from the competition.

"I was really stoked to receive the award and I think Leo and I would have had a great deal to talk about. I think its wonderful that despite the obvious sadness of losing a son that you celebrate a wonderful and active life in such a moving and enthusing way. I was so proud that my achievements of the week could be recognised in this manner and ultimately really encouraged to keep pursuing my flying dreams. So a massive thank you!

Best regards,


From Kris Ericksen:

"The second round of the 2010/11 NZ Paragliding Open was held in Wanaka from 2 to 9 January 2011. Weather conditions meant that only two valid tasks were able to be flown, and the conditions were challenging on the two flyable days, with many experienced pilots landing in the bomb-out field. Matt came sixth over-all in the competition, winning both the Fun and Sports classes. Overall results:
"Matt's track-logs:
Task 1:
Task 2:

"My Facebook photos:
Prize giving:
Task 1:
Task 2:

Cheers, Kris"

Thanks to Pamela Courtney Brown for retrieving the .docx text for me. She notes that some words are spelled like most NZ (S instead of Z) and has made a few edits to this eloquent expression of the spirit of adventure. See the background picture (large or medium). See Matt large. See Ground Takeoff large.

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