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Highest Point on the Florida National Scenic Trail

This movie celebrates the events of Aug. 2 and 13, 2011 with the Choctawhatchee chapter of the Florida Trail Association. See member volunteers getting a post from Jr. Walton Pond and later installing a sign on the site of the highest point on the Florida National Scenic Trail. These events are the culmination of years of dreaming, learning, exploring, maintaining the trail, and planning. The exact elevation is undetermined but it is under 300 feet above sea level, making it the lowest high point on any national scenic trail.

Here is a google map with GPS placemarks for 1. Jr. Walton Pond where we got the post, 2. parking for the hikers who installed a marker, and 3. the site of the highest point. The location of the post and sign is aproximately 30°44'47.00"N 86°14'33.00"W. It is about a three mile hike NW from the Alaqua Trailhead on Bob Sykes Rd. See the Catface Section info. We drove up the rural road 210 (called "obscure road" in the video) to intersect with the trail and hiked back on it. Here is a video map of the Florida National Scenic Trail with a pushpin at the highest point.

The temperature was one of the hot summer days. Several friends do not hike in such hot weather. My camera died before the hike back. We made three stops to meet Tom in his truck on jeep trails with a cooler full of iced water and electrolyte drinks. I don't know if anyone opted out of the whole hike or not. At the last stopping point I was getting really hot so I got iced water. I had drunk two glasses of water, tea, electrolytes and the thermos of coffee.

I missed the snake skeleton pic. What else? Great photos of the event on the chapter MEETUP site, specifically August 2 and August 13.

The Jr. Walton Pond is in the Titi Creek section of the trail. The link has photos of the Catface section Jr. Walton Pond campsite.

Highest Point sign The post is Longleaf Pine fatwood, which is locally known as "fat lighter" and valued as kindling. It is strong, hard, and resists rot and termite damage. The sign is made of Juniper wood.

honored veteran volunteers These four people have been active Florida Trail Association volunteers for over ten years, not only maintaining established trails, but pioneering new segments and supporting Florida nature lovers, hikers, paddlers, and backpackers in untold ways. Left to right: Tom Daniel, Paul Mayo, Bob Deckert, and Wallis Mayo.

Tom and Anne Here Tom Daniel talks to the group that has assembled on a very hot Saturday morning, August 13, 2011 about the trail marker project that he spearheaded. He is backed up by his wife Anne. The task is to put up a post, attach a sign, and hike three miles on the Florida Trail.

See also a YouTube video map showing the high points with respect to the whole trail or Offsite: Direct.

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