Gopher Tortoise behind Ford

Biophilia Center & FTA Tortoise Pen Extension Work, 2011

August 16, 2011 was a hot day for field work at the E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center at Nokuse Plantation. One team of Florida Trail Association Choctawhatchee Chapter volunteers performed biannual maintenance of the forest trails. Others worked with Biophilia staff, helping clear brush from a tract in preparation to extend a Gopher Tortoise enclosure. The Choctawhatchee Chapter Trail Hogs Meetup page tells about it, including photos by Wallis Mayo and Caroling. Follow the links. Half of this video moves slowly in tortoise time following Ford, (who was hit by a truck that cracked his shell) and another tortoise that emerges from the same burrow. This safe habitat receives increasing numbers of this threatened but ecologically important species. A recent grant to the non-profit educational center funded the two-acre expansion of the pen.

The Movie

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See Biophilia 2010 and Florida Trail Association pages for background.

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