How Life Changed My Meditation

I wrote this to participate in the topic for the Emerald Coast Meditation Society meeting on June 2, 2011.

How has meditation changed my life? Can't separate the two. Sitting is a separate activity that now certainly enhances my life.

I can answer the question how has life changed my meditation? Life led me to art which led to Zen art which led to Zen which awakened an interest in the idea of meditation. I went to the Zen center in San Francisco in the mid-60s and sat. The spiritual leader in charge tapped me from behind, but I didn't awake from the feeling that yes, I could sit still, but so? Life and art gradually opened my mind and being to spiritual and imaginative quests for all of me, my whole self, all of it.

Next came yoga in the 70s. Following the yoga of union, becoming one with my body, as the separation melted, I began to fall into meditation. My "I" was releasing. What a boon. I can't find any edges to meditation to define it. Today the best I could do is say that meditation is emerging. I could just as easily say "meditation is all that life isn't" as "meditation is all that life is". Thinking about meditation leads to confusion. Meditating is certainty. Meditation is reality. Meditation is unreality. Truth is an open question.

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