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Leo face For the nine-year anniversary of Leo's transition, here is Caroling's poem of January 22, 1993. It is an addition to the Mother's Memorial page. It feels for thousands of others on September 11, 2001, who also fell from a thousand feet on high, at centers of world trade.

Eye, Sky, Cry

Every time I lift my eyes up to the sky, I cry
For Leo who fell down. And the tears follow him down into earth.
Every time I see birds flying, death defying
I wonder how can they stay up? It's not fair.
Wind. O NO not wind,
you spun and smashed him, threw him away.
I brave you wind, I face into you, screaming soundlessly, I know you,
Why don't you blow him back to me if you're so great?
Every time I look at the sky, there's a hole in the air, he's not there.
No          fair

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