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Computer noise. Or is it art? Or is it a lively act of collaboration within the world of people and computers? See a color healing altar with these graphics, the other noise from this QTVR, or the introduction to this page.

rain of colors
Vertical Tree QTVR by Caroling

The other movie is Rosey QTVR by Janie Fitzgerald of Axis Images. To create your own noise patterns, try these movies. You'll be giving your computer a creative treat.

To break through the noise, do anything to make the window redraw itself. Drag the pointer left and right in the QTVR, resize the window, open another browser window on top of the movie, or minimize and maximize the window. Sometimes it takes a combination of diversions to dispell the noise.

For background and ground-breaking work on the process of creating vertical QTVR movies, see

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