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Solstice December 1998 QTVR -- Dec 21, best (200KB)

Now we have the great circles of the dodecahedron, all the 31 great circles of the icosahedron, stars in the celestial sphere, galaxy core transceiver, and links. A cursor over a link puts a text label in the controller bar. (The links are not yet active when clicked.) There is also the original version of this healing (100KB). For help, see Immersive Interactive Imaging.

See the FlEIE's Eye view. There are times when it is nice to be able to see all sides of the color healing at once. For example, to study the rune casting. Now there are pages where you can see views from the four celestial directions. I name them after the months: December, March, June, and September. They correspond to positions in the celestial sphere for the two solstices and two exquinoxes. That is, the December solstice, March equinox, June solstice, and September equinox.

I call the 4-view a FlEIE's eye because you see like a fly, monitoring views in many directions. The EIE is for the 5D brain cell. Viewing in this way increases your fitness for consciousness expansion. Visually and mentally processing four images at once is good exercise for your perception.

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