When last seen, he and she awakened at the gateway. Now, separately, they look to the point. To turn the gateway, move your pointer over the image and then away.

What is the point? Both "he" and "she" contain several images automated to rotate each five seconds. Please wait for each image to download. Both "Her point of view" and "His point of view" show near and far views of the point.

He sees Machu Picchu just south of the point. She sees Mount Shasta just north of the point. He sees the moon touching the point. She sees the flow from the point. The point is where the peak of the gateway points. Or the point is where the gateway comes from.

The orange artifact icon has six points. It marks the countdown from 6 to 1.

Virtual Union Rite of Passage 1 - pointhexagon icon

The story continues in Union Rite of Passage 2 - meeting.

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