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New Stairs, Deer Lake State Park, FL

Note: In 2009 the wooden, wheelchair-accessible ramp is rebuilt; the metal stairs are gone.

On 26 December, 2005, I was thinking about the ramp crossing Deer Lake State Park from the parking lot to the broken stairs down to the beach. I remembered a picture from last summer when Hurricane Dennis had swept away the stairs that had been repaired after being damaged by Hurricane Ivan a year before, in the fall of 2004. Today I thought I'd go to the beach overlook, and look down where the stairs used to be.

Surprise. New portable aluminum stairway is being installed. Workmen are wrenching down the last nuts on bolts to the old ramp, holding it in place.

The photo below, taken 8/8/05, is how the stairs were cleared away, after being destroyed by Hurricane Dennis.

stairs gone

Below is the fix after Ivan, October, 2004.

ramp fix

Directly in front of the stairs was this pyramid returning unto sand. To the west is Blessings Beach. To the east is Camp Creek Lake. Here's the outfall today. Back to Deer Lake State Park page.

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