Virtual Residency - Heart Fountain

fountain sketch The vision of a heart fountain is part of the Virtual-Residency project. In the intro, I said that responding to the call for virtual residency, visions of evolution migrate to virtually reside in channeled artworks. The project flow is intention, gathering water, thanking water, then mingling. See the movie. After this stage, the fountain might figure more deeply in the project.

The heart fountain is an expression of the idea of mingling disparate waters. They separate in rising, fall together, and mingle in the pool. This is to invoke the sympathetic recombining principle. Where the water from the creek mingled with the water from the tap. Then separated out again to remingle. And thus to gradually learn of its nature.

This is symbolic of the process of migrating. The traveler mingles with the places traveled. Both are changed and learn more of what they have in common.

At the model house Europe, such a fountain could be constructed. It would be made of blown glass. The open-ended red and blue sides rise from the pool below. There could be many ways to separate the red and blue water. Perhaps blue oil could be magnetized, staying separate from red water. Let's imagine soft red and blue fish drops floating in the water. The blue side would have a magnetic inner rim at the base. A migrant approaching the fountain brings a glass of water to mingle. The migrant picks blue fish drops to put in the glass of water. The migrant meditates on the journey. The migrant perhaps asks a question or focuses on a thought such as peace or honoring all that come here. When ready, the migrant pours the glass of water into the base. The blue fish drops are cycled separately, drawn into the blue side. The red fish drops flow mostly through the other side. At the top of the heart the two sides open and drop together, mingling. An answer might come or blessings spread. The sympathetic recombining principle invokes universal consciousness through the flow of water.

All my words sound like gobbledygook. A mystic heart fountain might work, though. The design would migrate to an on-site artist who would coordinate the subcontracts to construct and integrate the fountain into the house.

Ester drop The pale blue liquid Ester Drop supports the heart fountain. For background see Ester - Gaia Point Wet of the east and following pages.

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