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Lookout for 2006 - election

At the election polling place, a church official dismissed campaign workers from their positions. Some left, but one couple stayed, sure that they were within the law to do so. They were holding signs for their candidates and speaking with voters. This incident happened on November 7, 2006 at Point Washington, Precinct 15, Walton County, Florida, USA. See the movie or stills with text.

I was inspired by the Video the Vote site ( With my MiniDV video camera, I was on call as a non-partisan observer, to provide election protection.

See the movie has had some mysterious slow downs; if speeds are up, you can see the smaller Flash embedded or progressive version (12 MB) or large (22 MB). For a smaller version of the movie, see the QuickTime version (6 MB). Public alternative: YouTube.

Stills with text

Here are text and image excerpts from the movie.

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