Lookout for 2006 - election, Stills and Text from the Movie

Here are stills and content from the movie. Dialog is slightly edited for clarity.


Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2006

President of the local Firefighters Union present with several campaign workers.

"During the midterm elections we were asked to leave the property of the church up here."


Points to church.

"The reason we were told to leave was that all the members of the church might not appreciate who we were supporting as candidates. We don't have a problem in leaving. We don't want to start any trouble with anybody. So we just brought our stuff down here. ... This is fine with us."

worker Campaign worker, "We were asked to move by the pastor because they would lose their tax-exempt status if they supported any candidate and they didn't want any signs up there. So we just complied and moved."
polling place This is the Point Washington voting place.
100' mark Here is the blue line marking the 100-foot limit of campaign activity from the polling place.
couple Campaign worker, "I was standing here holding my sign and a church official came out and told me that I was on their private property and I had to leave the grounds."

"I told them that when a church is used as a polling place, it becomes public property for that day."

Narrator, "You didn't leave?"

"No, I'm still here."


Narrator, "This is a traditional polling place."

"Yes, I worked the exact spot in 2004 election with no problem. This is something new."

"One of the election officials came out and said I was within the law as far as the polling people are concerned. I'm on the outside of the blue line."
citizen4 I'm talking to the Democratic campaign headquarters. This is not an isolated incident. Other churches are doing the same thing, telling people to stay off their private property.

"My concern is that if this is going to be a problem with churches they should not be used as polling places."

"This is in Walton County, Florida."

Narrator, "Did the police get involved?"

"Not yet. I don't know what is going to happen."

citizen6 "This is campaign headquarters and they just talked to Tallahassee and they are going to tell you about this situation."
phone Headquarters, "... They have been granted that responsibility by the Supervisor of Elections. So I think that there has been a misunderstanding."
authority "She is saying that she called Tallahassee election commission and they said the church is paid to use this polling place and they have no right to chase us off the property during the election."

"... constitutional amendment ... United States Constitution ... which is the freedom of speech. The church opens their doors to become a public polling place; they lose individual rights to the property on this day."

"according to ... is the lawyer's name."


The pastor was unavailable for comment.

Later in the day, the pastor invited the displaced campaign workers to return to their positions.

View of church buildings in background.


I monitored this situation as a non-partisan representative for voters' rights and legal elections.

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