Virtual Residency Manifest Evolution description

Describing and integrating three threads of the Virtual Residency Manifest Evolution project, 2006. Responding to the call for virtual residency, visions of evolution migrate to virtually reside in channeled artworks. The description fills out the storyboard, covering three days chronologically, showing how the threads come together in a Flash movie, Manifest Evolution.

July 9 at 7 a.m.

I walk downhill to gather river water for a global ceremony thanking water. I plan to invite Galaxy People (GP) to help manifest evolution for us on earth. The GPs flow in on the first full moon past the June solstice. Several houses in the neighborhood along the way have signs saying "BE ABOUT PEACE" in a background of "WAR WAR WAR WAR ... ". This helps phrase my intention. I pray to water and the GPs to help us evolve peacefully. The sound of waves breaking on shore is how I feel and is the theme song. peace

transition Pause to honor intention as the sound of waves sublimates. The river is peaceful, filling the bottle with water.river

transition Coming up the grassy bank, pause to honor water: from river to bottle to dew on earth and in eyes. dewyIn the park on the way home, secluded in a sacred grove, partially paved around with an interlocking pattern, I find a magical pedestal. Placing the bottle on it, I repeat, "Thank you, water". thanks water

transition Pause to honor the vision of a fountain. Water separating, split on rise, pumped up two sides of a heart shape. In the middle, waters mingle as one on the fall, pooling at the base. See an animation of the heart fountain. This is a concrete representation of the idea of loving synergy. The design could be migrated to the "model house Europe". heart fountain

transition Pause to honor heart-fountained water transfer to the container. Pour the water into a large glass. water in glass.

July 10 at 10:03 p.m.

July 10 at 10:03 p.m. EDT is the full moon time. Welcome Galaxy People to virtual residency project. Ask particularly for crop circle pictures to harmonize climate on earth. Ask Galaxy People to send blessings to the water which I have gathered from the river here.

transition Pause to honor the lightning energy strikes generating splumes. Vision of splumes, having to do with the adaptation of Galaxy People to earth. So different from the angular beings received at Mt. Shasta, which was new approximation to the gross interface of our reality. Now they are accustomed and delicately free. splumes

transition Pause to honor the splumes. splumetraveling splumewise Vision of a splume, formed of splumes fractally. Splume development is patterns within patterns, ad infinitum. It is similar to a Madelbrot set. It repeats exactly and is infinitely scaleable. It is a spindrel traveling pattern.

transition Pause to honor splumes migrating in the light of the Full moon fool moon

transition Pause and pause again to honor the messages crystallizing in the water in the light of the full moon. Ask that the Galaxy People put messages into the water about climate crisis and our mutual evolution.

July 11 6 a.m.

Awakening to intensified colors. Glittering solid liquid diamond like filling of water, is because all 1024 of the Galaxy People joined in. When groups travel, individuals fit together with what fits best, so the result is fairly homogenous tribes. diamond waterdiamond water detailDetail of diamond water. I photograph the water and email to Emoto. During the Thank Water ceremony, water photographs from around the world send blessings to the water there. Emoto photographed water crystals before and after blessing. Here is a link to the crystal result of blessed water copyright I.H.M..

transition Pause to honor the movement from blessed water to aura. Vision of an aura grid blanketing earth, gifted by Galaxy People, which we can internalize. At first sight, it was just like light rainbow glittering snow all over every surface. There was a quick subvision of a person, with the white kind of crumpling in, like it was absorbed through one area, or shrink wrapped to an inner part of the person. Might even have sucked some from surroundings. Watching someone sweeping seeds from a tree that were all over the street and clogging the water drain, I envisioned white stuff of earth aura flowing up and over him. It is some kind of aura food available for growth and understanding.
With the second person, the seed-gatherer, it was more like a hologram screen, like the grid preview in a cubic QTVR movie. aura

transition Pause to honor the integration of aura. At the end of meditation, I got an image of icy white on left and warm scarlet on the right. The movie ends in white and red orbs to assist integration and assimilation of info from the Galaxy People. Words tell you, "receive * absorb * assimilate * transmit * exude". grid If you have really paid attention to the Galaxy People's info aura, you will know how to manifest evolution.

To see the credits and loop the movie, in the middle of the frame, click the yellow arrow.

See a movie of the story called Manifest Evolution.

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