Art in Monte Rio - drawing, Visions poster

In the late 1970s, I led a small art class in my home studio called "Visions". The poster describes it:

Visions are something not seen before.

We center ourselves,

    accept the vision that comes,

put it in an artwork,

and hear how it communicates to others.

The illustration on the poster, shown above, is based on the concept of "Triangulation", originally expressed in stained glass, in Wholeo dome. See the text on that link for the idea. For the class, the relationships are between the artists and the visions, getting angles of communication via points of light. Several of the artists donated works for a one-day show we sponsored outdoors in the Monte Rio ampitheatre. See some of them on this page. It was not well-attended. However, the works are beautiful and I'd like to honor them here.

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