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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. In getting to know a new species, named Elobeing, stories happen.

You need Flash 8 or higher to see and hear the Flash animation. See the plug-in page for info. To download directly, get Flash get Flash 8 or higher.

This movie includes all four clips in the series and credits for "Elements called Traces". See the introduction to traces. Since we've previously channeled evolution, setting, design, and other aspects in cross-references for Elobeing, if we're quiet and keep an imaginative eye open, we catch glimpses of Elobeing in action. The cast includes these structures of psyche: sound, feelies, background, traces, and EIE. See also credits and how to use the buttons in the movie.

Sound sound

Voices of possibility sound through and through. Voices chant as the traces in the Elobeing banners flow downward when the EIE peeks from above. The chant has parts:

  1. Bru ju ho, Ar juna ho, Fer a zil, M'hail kree came to me in Peru (and also this page), so it is called the Lake Titicaca chant. It is a call for and connection to energy for evolution.
  2. Tsks, are in the ending of the Lake Titicaca chant shown in a series following this page.
  3. Arejev, EIE-nor, Zoi Toule, Pleek, Erg is the Noint Joint chant. It shows a mechanism of evolving.
  4. Dearch tooke, Fleng ee arhgh, Royce al plea-ere plea-ehia croont is the Undivided chant. The process is shown following the Noint Joint Pleek page. It shows a mechanism of evolving.

These chants are a part of carolyoga daily routine.


Feelies feelie

Sensors of perception.

Feelies are "Tufty, like chenille. Soft, fluid, feathery, like sea anemonies. CLB yellow.

Background background

Language of ancient civilizations.

The setting has something to do with language, as do the sounds.


Traces trace

Elements of action.

sketch Parapente 10I don't know how the elemental traces in this movie relate to the essence of an Elobeing. But it is a way to show up, reveal, or track the essential ways of Elobes, as we might come to know them. A quick sketch of the original vision appears to the right. Upon pondering, I remembered a mysterious chevron in Leo Geary's work. See it here: It looks like a right triangle. Spin off a copy from each angle and we've got a tetrahedronal anomaly. Good enough.


Elobeing EIEFive-fold expanded consciousness evolving from Gaia beings.

The EIE is the structure of ex2006-08-19banners. See cross-references to EIE.


The Wholeo thing done by Caroling, 2005-2006. Including pictures, sounds, buttons, and Flash-ing.

Using the above movie

angular buttons

You can control the movie by clicking the angular button controls at the bottom of the movie itself, or with the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

If the movie starts and stops playing, when it plays through to the credits, try playing it again. This movie is the Wholeo entry to the PrixArs Electronica 2006 cyberarts competition.

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