Funicula wonders how to evolve. She gets visions of practices involving breathing, meditation, extrasensory input, food, rituals, and actions that she does and calls "YOGA." Her guidance usually just comes to mind but sometimes appears in her imagination via light, light beings, or spirits. She doesn't care whether these are "real" or "illusions" because the results are coherent and satisfying.

{ Mandala of the circle of nine}

Lately she is concentrating on building a Light Body. What does that mean? Everything is made of light! The Light Body is a conscious evolution of our normal body. It is a joint project of ours and the higher evolution of Whole Light Beings. The Light Body can: function without oxygen, not be disturbed by atomic radiation, communicate telepathically, live in the 5th dimension (beyond time-space), plus exercise other freedoms.

7 chakras (energy centers associated with glands) are normal. She has been celebrating them in a 7-fold Kriya Yoga breathing. White light is broken into rainbow colors from red at the root to violet at the crown. Her 8th chakra has been opened above her head. It forms a "Galaxy Body" in clear light. She has just added a 9th Kriya for the overall "I AM" chakra related to Still Light--#9.

8/29/79 Funicula writes: "Today is Yogamaya's birthday. She is a female guru born as Madrilena Myown in Bphodenk, in the Himalayas. She will speak to me through earth, through darkness, through creative evolving manifestation. I have done the rainbow Kriya for the last time. I am participating in the new vibration to build a new reality. To do this, we give birth to new substances. First we must decide about the light. How do we orchestrate it? Not in octaves. The new breakup of light is started by applying the 'circle of nine' to the Still Light."

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