Becoming an "Earth Angel"... Funicula seeks light within. Draws it out between her hands, brings it down to earth. It melds with the powerful earth current. Funicula then... raises this new light up and projects it to the cosmos. Funicula feels the flow of increased LIGHT coming in. Kindling new age vibes, dedicating herself to transformation and the changing of the poles, she reverses her charge. By placing her head on earth and doing the head stand, she interrupts the normal life-on-this-earth current. She becomes grounded in cosmic light through her feet. Her head and ground transform. This is "Preparing her way."

Placing her spine on earth, Funicula turns her torso from North past East, towards South. This is the final opening to the 6 directions and to the Higher Evolution of Whole Light Beings who encircle her.

As she does the spinal twist past West, she reconsecrates this ritual to the New Age, turning herself on as an Earth Angel. She slowly returns to sitting straight. If her thoughts are small and mean, light is consumed. If her thoughts are great and high, light can be used for higher purposes. Next: Kriya Yoga; alternate nostril breathing. Breathe in Left, hold. Breathe out right, hold. Breath in right, hold. Breathe out left, hold. 9 rounds ( one for each chakra).

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