Bobby calling Joe
Bobby the turtle watcher calls Joe to report the first turtle crawl of this season on the section he walks each morning at dawn.

Avoiding the post
The turtle had to avoid this post at the edge of the area closed to the public to protect nesting birds.

Nest at the toe of the dune (where ssa oats start)
The nest is at the toe of the dune, which is where the sea oat vegetation starts.

Bobby starts flagging the nest
Bobby has flagged the turtle access from the Gulf of Mexico. Now flagging the nest. After finishing his walk he'll return with others to rope off the nest and mark the date to protect it and predict when the eggs will hatch.

Turtle nest top, well camoflaged
The turtle has covered the cavity and smoothed over the surface to hide the nest of eggs within. However, Bobby notes that crabs have already tippy-toed over the top. They can be predators. Also people, coyotes, foxes, and dogs sometimes destroy nests.

Looking back at the Gulf of Mexico
Looking back at the Gulf of Mexico.

Bobby Stuart the Walton Turtle Watch Volunteer
Bobby is happy.

Classic Turtle Crawl

On June 29, 2013, at 6:10 a.m. CDT I found a new turtle nest. Soon Bobby the turtle watcher appeared walking from the east. He was overjoyed to find the first nest of the season on the section he has walked daily each summer for years. "A Classic Crawl", were his first words.

The background image is white sand made of quartz crystals that is gray or neutral when wet. See images from 2009 on and Deer Lake State Park.

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