Secret of Life storage blocks in brain cell array Cosmic Juices in I and the Universe painting

LookInOut 2013 - Connections

On the December Solstice, 12/21/2012 shift happens. In 2013 connections abound. Here are some outstanding instances. When basic ideas seem alike, I can only give pointers to why. These relationships are intersections between entire lifetimes of intuitions and communications.

Cosmic Juices and Grace Drops

From 1969 on, I've had visions of what I call "Cosmic Juices" (about). In 2012 I find Dieterich Spahn uses similar images referred to as "drops of Grace" in liturgical art (about, which includes a movie exploring these patterns of connection). We both use an overall pattern of elements to indicate an underlying unseen matrix of reality. The element forms change over the years. Mine were originally rectangular green gold sandwiches whereas Spahn previously used round balls. This pair of images has the most in common. My Elodrops connect to Spahn as a vision received at the death of my son, whose father was Spahn's friend. However I had never seen Spahn's work until I met him in 2012.

Elodrops in cosmic juice stations Spahn's Lady in the Shoe
Caroling Spahn

Spahn's painting is on his website:


Secret of Life and the Primordial Thoughtform of Creation - The Cube

In 1969 when I began looking within and seeing directly, a cube appeared with the words "Secret of Life" in addition to "Information Storage Block". It became part of many visions of structures of psyche and geometry of evolution. I don't know much about Valum Votan, except finding myself drawn to the artistic visions of José Argüelles after the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. In 2012 I became aware of the cube shown here, from It says, "According to Cosmic History, the Cube signifies an interdimensional gate of time. It is the primordial thoughtform of creation. When you pass through you see another reality."

Storage Block
Caroling Valum Votan

Here are some links: Secret of Life, Brain Cell discovery, Information Storage Block. I copied Votan's cube image because so many web links just disappear, not to infringe copyright which remains with the creator. More about Votan's cube:

Wholeo Dome panels: Brain Cell, Triangulation and Secret of Life Storage Block Cosmic Juices stained glass panel



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