Storage block

Overall Storage Block (the "Secret of Life")

The instant the eighth Cosmic Juice settles, . . . tzing . . . lines of tension spring between the group.

Wonder sees the Cosmic Juice Stations are at the corners of a cube that fits just inside the very faintly visible Smallest Unit of Life. She hears the sound of the Overall Storage Block* (also called the "Secret of Life").


Ong Ong Ong Ong, Which, Whish, Tzing
one one one one, wish, wish, sing
Ong Ong Ong Ong, Wish, Which, Tzing

Over and over.

Listening, mesmerized, Wonder notices the front corner of the cube juts into the misty connection from Universal Mind. Transforming colored lighting comes. Two yellow, two red, and two blue faces oppose each other.Image URL

Colors on block faces



* Find a model of Overall Storage Block to make on pages 116-121.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 14-15

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