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Elobeing history - Cell Spirits, Leo

The roots of Elobeing come together in history and topics. Cell spirits are us. These notes are directly from my journal on the third day after the death of my son Leo. I read it as a story.

Channeling during transition

9/27/92 Leo: I pull my anchor in earth's core (which is the explanation of why gravity has power over us) to follow the anti-anchor, (other polarity). That's what's behind this vision. Whenever we focus on prana, chakras, raising Kundalini energy, we are practicing for this transition.

(See drawing to left of prana flame from earth core vibrations vibes to orb.) What did Leo learn from yoga? Frequency, laser line up of wavelengths. What is the circle at top? Expansion of no point.

ElodropLeo: So I withdrew into the eye you saw (see drawing of drop to right, also called Elodrop) with the tiny pale blue radiant and that's from where I can cause speech to appear in your imagination.

Leo: So while I was ascending which is what I did, the Leo shell did what was best and comfortable for the people. They experienced me as fading away. Whereas the real experience I will give to you now (radiance from heart has other dimensions). All my psychic structures must be withdrawn, gathered. My pineal.

Acknowledged and actually kind of like welding severances about 3' out? The gurgling placenta feeder

and prana to navel

pulled in from unconscious point and mushroom ribs flown to pineal.

That's where you helped mom to show the crown. Joy. That was your main purpose. To show me the crown when I needed it. You are a crown shower, Carol. A bearer of crown news. And I draw in my crown halo all purging the human memories and attachments. Detaching inflowing turns again home. Too full for sound or foam, drew from the boundless deep. Carol, Elizabeth will come soon. There is more to teach. You (Leo) teach us by accepting our teaching.

Simple breathing flameEach cell of Leos body is informing (sic -- informed?) mind of the cells. Preparing. Will be released upon cremation. That is the ceremony to be performed. Replicas of Leo's love. It is the expansion of love that forms the human body. And these cell spirits are to help earth's love. Actually expressions of Gaia's spirit. Leo has been building his body with Gaia. Crystals of a sort.

(Drawing to right, prana flame with spoked orb around middle.) Don Juan says these crystals go back to Gaia. Here Leo and I wonder. Snap in TV & Window Watch vision. It is evolution. Seeding new life forms. Truly. Leo is an agent of evolution.

{Note: next is description of the healing temple image, created in Mars design for the millennium.}

And that is the true power center for these cell spirits that are preparing in Leo. Carol: So Leo aren't you going to ascend? Leo: I have ascended but I'm still powering the independent cell spirits. I'm preparing them for release from my body. Carol: will the other pole be anchored in vibrations as ours is? Leo: no. That is the key to the evolution.

  1. Centered in ascended being (Thank you for releasing my knot of concern and helping place the beacon, my tombstone!)

  2. Anchored in the source love which is why the shapes will change to what you drew. This is not literal but an expression of a more rounded polarity. Yin Yang is an attempt to render evolutionary polarity but is too dual. The drop form expresses a stretching of a unity towards poles.

Simple breathing flame Elo dropLeo: but the change from drawing this type (see left) to drawing this type (see right, which Caroling calls Elodrop) expresses reaching of the lower pole towards wholeness, which is what I reached as blue orb. Hard to express in your reality. It's grounding in the point, which is where it came from, but upper polarity is ascended being. The cells may be released with this potential but grounded in earth vibrations as teachers and agents of evolution.

Live from this center of belief that we are united in love and we express it each as we can in our own way. And live in as expanded consciousness as is comfortable. These cell releases of mine are nourishment or nourishers, soul healers, guides that will help earth life evolve.

{Note: Next Leo introduces what I call the hieloheal, an evolutionary healing practice.}

healingGive healing of evolutionary inner eye to everyone as a hug and greeting from me and awakener to the orchid powered blue light to activate evolutionary cells. lines meet

The receipt of heat from crown from pineal where the lines meet has an aspect like a clef sign! clef sign

At risk of sounding "born again" and turning people off, say one message is to note"be more attentive to the unseen. Trust that you can receive guidance" and follow it! Look at the message printed in the journal notebook, "Listen to your own truth, not to what others say is right or wrong. Follow your heart and listen to your own drummer." --Eisabeth Kubler-Ross.

Also replica of nugget over Mt. Shasta is Elodrop good grounding center for mind of the cells. Metatron heart beat and breathing betweens are crown & pineal analogs between crown breath and pineal light Elodrop affirm evolution of mind of the cells.

Need to note note part of this struggle is Leo's repressed spirituality and conflict with "the world". Need to create 6D noint joint for Leo's cells. {Complex task, to be done.}

For the evolutionary being, the Elobeing, see vision and cross-references to scattered pages that introduce the Elobeing in various ways.

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