Aura Wavelengths Toroidal

The real form of expanding is toroidal, in to the center

Galactic Beam Aura Vibe Exchange

This is page 2 of stills but is devoted to a single topic. How the Galactic Beam Aura turned blue and started a practice of vibe exchange. It is continued in page 3. Here are excerpts from my journal from July 10 to 22.

Feeling like beams of light coming in crashing like meteorites, subtly around me. Then a blue cube nugget beamed in. It is like a treasure chest opened to my right. This rectangular illumination is like a chip or transforming blueness. The blue quality is not steady, can't pin it down to ultramarine or emerald or neon or day-glo. In fact I can't really form a fixed image to identify it. Any artwork will have to be changing each frame, strobed. Strobing. Flickering. Transcendental. Yet it is embedded in me. My cells or less than cell components, agents, are very excitedly aware of and synergizing this energy and ability. Getting to know. Utilizing. Storing. Conforming. Collocating. Communing. Could I call it a beam jewel?

During meditation focused on the blue treasure chip of previous vision. Since I am the beam I just radiate this treasure and I don't know why. Blue chips came to me and I can pass them on.

From the intense blue pentagon in the color healing I see miniatures spread, fan out and down like confetti. But more regular, Like 3D vibe stationery.

I need to do this Galactic beam thing that we are the beam. It means a conscious action like hygiene or cleaning or having friends over or having a business meeting. Something that has to be planned, made time for, scheduled, enacted, and communicated.

Lapis lazuli in silvsr pendant

The vibe generator is not completely mental, or at least the idea of them forms somewhere between inner ear, back of throat, and the Cave of Brahma. I did some aums and found the right resonant cave-like feeling. Started wearing a silver pendant with blue lapis lazuli as a reminder amulet.

Chanted until found the place activated that sources the blue aura vibes. That's it at the back of the neck. Back of the throat. Inner eye. Do the Aum just to locate it. Connection to the Akasha. Breathing through the nose is a source of oxygenation. But breathing is done by every part of me. Past present and future. No time.

I need to pray and schedule planned sending of vibes. That's a problem. It's not my style. For five minutes I'm going to try and send these vibes. This blue light. This galactic beam that I am. I pray that I'll be able to do it. Every part of me must be in attendance, in tune. I'm visualizing the aura vibes. It turns clockwise and counterclockwise. It spherizes in and out. It swims like a jellyfish whish. Really nice sounds of swooshing. Multiprocessing. It flips. As if flicking off negativity, it flips off parts of itself. It is teary and terrible and terrific and terra firma. I pray to this water, rain and wind gods. Send this beam .. . It's actually a beam exchange because there are so many people doing it. It's an aura exchange.

The top and bottom of my aura (the vibe pattern I drew) folds in to the center to form a torus. It spreads out. I can't think of anything more beautiful. When it does that it's not expanding. I guess the real form of expanding is to the point. There's nothing outside. Nothing inside. It's all just one point.

Galactic beam aura turns blue as vibes emerge.

Miniature vibes spread, fan out like 3D confetti.

As if flicking off negativity, it flips off parts of itself.

Expanding to the point.

See Galactic Stills, page 1, page 1A, page 3, or LookInOut 2013.

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