Shaman Seed as given on July 11

weB log 2013 - Via Illuminata Peru shaman tour

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Moon meditation Day 9. Astrologers find a Grand Sextile in their charts, forming a six-pointed star. Calling this a Stargate portal. Up early to see the last quarter moon overhead. I feel postpartum doldrums and strangely elated. Sort of detached. Drifting along like the tumbling tumble weed. I guess it is the end of things to look forward to. The end of my millennium dreams.

I know that I'll always cheer up. I'll always be happy. I'll always find something thrilling and marvelous and compelling and fun and worth it. But I don't want to just titillate. I don't want to just be turned on. I don't want to just survive. I want the insights I thought I got to add up to something.

One thing about being at loose ends and in the pits and abandoned by my better self, is that mind is open.

Two things during meditation. One was being a tetrahedron pointed up as earth body with star Sirius crystal chunk at apex. Completed with galaxy body tetrahedron pointed down with transforming blue energy chip at base. The other thing was seeing an etheric galaxy people body in the shape and extent of a galaxy. I had placed a blue water glass before me as concentration point. Felt so good. Body so silky airy light unimpeded.


Moon meditation Day 8. Focused on prayer today, not something I've developed much. "I pray that these earrings may always be sensitive to the galactic beam of galactic synchronization and the galaxy people that we have become. That we always remember this time and what is to come and that we act from that point of view." I enumerate each item on the altar, then say, "Could each namaste and thank you be coming from this altar from the global psynchronization from now on. Every time I feel that gratitude, could that be a prayer that we continue in connection, that I receive and act on the guidance that is for me."


Moon meditation Day 7. No rain. 77 degrees. To Deer Lake State Park before dawn. Interesting feature of today was the black arc over the sky. First seen from the south from the Gulf. But have video of it stretching over the top of the sky, say 2/3 of the way to the sun. I suppose it was caused by a cloud blocking the sun.

Galactic beam aura torus with connectorsLacy blue vibe torus. Stabilizing image for me. There seems to be some pink lightning inside this thing. In vibe shapes too. The lightning comes from the middle top right down to the lower left, but in that angle of the beam. Oh there are patterns in it. If I look closely it has the pattern of that beam fractured, fracturing into tiny lightnings. So that's how the beam changed?

Suddenly seeing the lightning coming from the other way. Funny about the angle there are about three main jabs. It's sort of looking like a brain with lightning coming out. Maybe it's just a head trip. I could just as easily see the lightning coming from the crowns of the trees. Maybe it is from anything that needs to zero out gravity.

Lightning was silver too. And maybe some gold? It reminded me of the lightning in Leo's hair in his graphic. I think I used his graphic for something. Can't place it.

Have to decide whether to search for Leo's hair lightning or wing it. Searching for lightning. Loving Connector. Could use these graphics or similar. Connectors in Wonder in Aliceland are good too but too complex. Virtual residency reminds me of 7 years ago doing a movie of celebration of Galaxy People at first full moon after solstice, while joining a global project and celebrating water with Emoto. The lightnings were splumes having to do with the adaptation of GPs to earth. How interesting that they resemble the current feathers and the upward blue drop. These projects, starting with Mt. Shasta and the Galaxy People, show consistent development over 25 years.


Entering new Galactic Beam. Galactic synchronization. Ceremony of Planetary Resurrection. World Water Day. Moon meditation Day 6. Noos letter announces global rolling dawn meditation (see links on 7-25).

Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time. We invite you to join us at sunrise on Kin 164, Yellow Galactic Seed (26 July) in a worldwide synchronized ceremony for planetary resurrection in celebration of Galactic Synchronization and the launching of Timeship Earth!

You are invited to incorporate the following Seven Invocations of Planetary Consciousness, and Prayer to the Seven Galactic Directions in your ceremonies, prayers and meditations for Planetary Resurrection! You may also wish to include an altar to the four elements, music, drumming and chanting.

A note on synchronization: Planet Earth is a unity of synchronicity, so rather than using a "precise" (mechanical) clock-time to synchronize our ceremonies, let us create a rolling wave of synchronized consciousness as the Earth spins in time by synchronizing our ceremonies to the DAWN of Kin 164, Yellow Galactic Seed (26 July).

I woke at 4a.m. feeling extreme turbulence on nano micro mini miniscule level. First sensation is like speed (drug). Like too much. Whirling peppermints. There is a subtle sound like a fan running. My body is elated, excited. I feel there is this gift. Making the right awareness decisions now is like catching a horse running by, getting on and riding with this energy.

Facing this huge contradiction from previous days of the need to schedule and do galactic beam blue energy work and the fact that it is always on and not doing anything.

The weather map had a momentary incorrect flash of green clouds all over the whole area. Otherwise clear. When I looked east off the balcony I saw this bright star, probably Venus, what else could be that bright. I don't usually see that. Hmm.

On the way to sunrise meditation in DLSP I thought about drinking coffee but I am SO coffied up with energy, totally whizzed. I don't know what coffee would do. Zooming is completely everywhere. I know this has something to do with the blue energy. Homogenize. Break it down into small round droplets.

I sit under a roof on a bench facing sunrise. Meditation consisted of matching new frequencies. They seemed to be units. Tiny units of everything. It might be that this new galactic beam gives the ability to sense frequencies that were there all along. They aren't really new. Neutralize? I guess it is a process of zeroing of some kind.

Extreme beauties here. There was that complexity. Then the complexity of every part of me or every part of my world.

There was a time when I felt that everybody who had left some spirit there, either by dying or some awareness of spirit in some way, rose up. There was definitely this indian chief-looking person with feathered headdress. How corny can you get? We were all paying homage to the sun.

There was this space thing where I created a Rainbow Bridge. Then one for every cell and little part of me. I found that very useful. It seemed stabilizing and helped in the zeroing process. But there came a time when I worried about where the fiveness came in. Was it just really four directions and a middle? Was five an arbitrary number in expanding consciousness. To answer that I seemed to go back to the setup in the brain, like the brain cells. But that's a space thing and I really wasn't that concerned with spatial arrangements. Back to blueness. OK the blue is always blue because it is zeroing whatever is. It is constantly dynamically remaining the same.

Now I don't feel that dizziness in my body that I felt on wakeup. I feel so happy. I thought of my family and Elizabeth's family. I thought of my mother father and sister. Here are some small tracks. Like the myriadness. Myriad. There was this dropness, the drop, to show that it wasn't attracted by gravity, it turned upside-down so it was bulgy at the top and narrow at the bottom. Just as happy that way.

I start meditating with a snowy plover bird, who is unwavering in gaze for three minutes until I get stared down. In the movie it looks like he's talking, maybe to me. I had thought the jerky head movements could be swallowing or trying to get a fix on my position. I felt electric blue between us. There's two of them. Maybe they were talking to each other.

A woman spreads a towel in the shallow water of the inoutfall to the lake and starts doing yoga, salute to the sun. I say, birds meditating, lady doing yoga, must be a magical morning. Coming back I see someone in the surf, swinging arms in a wild dance. Jesus written in sand and another fun drawing of a couple of faces.

Quickly made a video for the day and published to Vimeo and YouTube. See the Galactic Sync Beam page.


Day out of time for Mayan calendar. Moon meditation Day 5. Attend two global galactic events remotely. I guess since we are out of time, can be out of space too. Day Out of Time at Shasta is at Mount Shasta City Park in California, USA. HARMONIC CONVERGENCE 2013 - Global Synchronized Meditations for Peace is also associated with the 13 Moon World Peace Movement folks. I seem to be in sync with so much of their path except the calendar.

I received the 7 invocations for the Galactic Sync sunrise meditation tomorrow, July 26:

It has links. Day Out of Time event listings:

This one contains an explanation of the times to come:

7-day seminar to the 441 Synchotron:

Short sunrise meditation. I am the galaxy person. Weird idea of a person that doesn't really move in space like people. A GP doesn't radiate, it just IS and constitutes communication. So I guess the final picture is of blueness. The essence is sthe quality of the blue color. I'm feeling myself as a color. Colored Light Being? Activate as a CLB. It could be when I said “we will speak in colors” I meant me becoming this kind of being (rather than humans becoming color speakers).

How could I ever do artwork of the blue? It's not in space. It's not moving. It's beyond the capabilities of our spectrum. Just feel it. Seeing the blueness steady. Could change the backgrounds making the color look different. Albers to the rescue. Then seems like little holes opened up. Gradually becomes like a Cheshire cat. Disappears. But you know it is still there somehow. Maybe as a cutout or hole that the credits at the end of the movie scroll through.

I foresee two tasks today. First to rotate the galactic beam aura art (which is almost flat, a cross-section) to form a torus. Second to find the background colors that bring out the blue quality of beam being. (See more of these on the stills page.)


Last day of the year for Mayan calendar. Moon meditation Day 4.

blue vibesWorking away just on blue vibes. Suddenly feel a unique tug at my attention. Like some really serious large space, many people, observation or happening. Looked at clock, 4:41. Huge new docs on BMU is base matrix unit. In 2007 Arguelles had a dream of 441 and made all these number matrices. Says it is remap of mind for noosphere consciousness.

By the way, today is the last day in the last Galactic Beam. Tomorrow, July 25, is the Day Out of Time. Friday, July 26 is Galactic Synchronization. Time to celebrate a new Galactic Beam. Hark!


Via Illuminata. Leave Peru from Lima and fly home. Moon meditation Day 3.
Using Google maps, I am revisiting the Huallamarca pyramid that was the key to my Peru trip in 1981 (see page in On the Way to Machu Picchu).


Via Illuminata. Receive the Starkeeper Rite, anchors you safely to the time after great change that is said will occur on or around 2012. When you receive this rite your physical body begins to evolve into that of Homo-Luminous. The aging process is slowed down and you become resistant to diseases you were once vulnerable to. Meditation or breathing exercises. In the afternoon we receive the God Rite which awakens the God-Light, from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies in the universe. Closing ceremonies of Villoldo (6pm) and Fire (7pm). Becoming your Galactic Archetype, a 3-day retreat at Mt. Shasta. July 22-24, 2013 Just before the Day Out of Time on July 25. How can we go beyond our present state and condition of being to become telepathic receptors of the Higher Mind? How can we shift our self-perception into that of a galactic being? Join us for three days in the transformational vortex of Mt. Shasta for an interactive workshop where we release our conditioned programming and embody our galactic archetype. We will explore themes such as: What is the future identity for the human? And, how do we transition from personality into archetype and reenter the mythic realm in our day-to-day reality? In the New Cycle there is no competition, only mutual love and admiration for each of our unique gifts. Our galactic signature unlocks the galactic archetype of our mythic self, which opens a portal that reveals new aspects of our being. By embracing our galactic archetype in a space of unconditional love, synchronicity is heightened and our star memories awaken as we recognize that we are part of one vast synchronic web that extends to other dimensions. This group realization is the battery that transforms reality, entering us into noospheric consciousness.

This three-day retreat will be led by Stephanie South (Serpent Initiate)/Red Queen, lineage holder of the Galactic Mayan Mind transmission (GM108X) as transmitted by Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles. The event is organized by the Foundation for the Law of Time, a nonprofit which all proceeds benefit. Note: This event concludes on the final day of the Blue Resonant Storm year and is followed by the Day out of Time (July 25) and Galactic Synchronization: Ceremony of Planetary Resurrection (Magnetic 1: July 26), which is free and Open to Everyone. Being held at Stewart Mineral Springs, Mt. Shasta in Weed, north of the mountain, which has everything from tents, to teepees, to hotel rooms.

SouledOut will meditate in group alignment at 9pm PDT, 4:00 UT on July 23, so it is 11pm CDT. But the full moon time is 18:15 UT, or 1:15pm CDT. Monday. Full moon. Also it is a supermoon said the astrology page. Full moon of the Cosmic Moon of Presence. CM 26. Moon meditation Day 2.

Started meditating about 1:05pm CDT, thinking the moon was pretty full right now. There are a couple of rites that happened today in Peru. I've already forgotten what they were. One was a keeper and the other a cosmic. I don't know. I don't have any place to go, anything to prove. I don't even have any thoughts.

I need to pray and schedule planned sending of vibes. That's a problem. It's not my style. Then for five minutes until the full moon, I'm going to try and send these vibes. This blue light. This galactic beam that I am. << Loud thunder >> whoaoao Ding the bell. I pray that I'll be able to do it. Ding. Every part of me must be in attendance, in tune. Ding.

I'm visualizing the aura vibes. It turns clockwise and counterclockwise. It spherizes in and out. It swims like a jellyfish whish. Really nice sounds of swooshing. Multiprocessing. It flips. Hands like flicking off negativity. It flips off parts of itself. It is teary and terrible and terrific and terra firma. I pray to this water, rain and wind gods. Send this beam .. . It's actually a beam exchange because there are so many people doing it. It's an aura exchange. Then quiet, must be full moon time.

I don't know how I could graphic this but I feel like the top and bottom of my aura (the vibe pattern I drew) folds in to the center to form a torus. It spreads out. I can't think of anything more beautiful. When it does that it's not expanding. I guess the real form of expanding is to the point. There's nothing outside. Nothing inside. It's all just one point. There seems to be some contradiction. 10:17 I say, Omgosh it's the full moon time. Think. Not quite. Chanting moon. That's the torus sound. Luna luna. It's got both of them. Corn, cucumber, cilantro. Cumin. Curcumin (turmeric). Cinnamon?

21:30 beyond intensity is density. Intent. Concentrate. Not together. Not compact. Entraining gravity. Alligned with the moire of gravity. The mark of coherent here we come, overcome can't understand the words here.

I wonder what the moral of the black sambo story is. Black Sambo chased the tiger around the tree and they went so fast that they melted into butter. Why do I remember that so, so lovingly. It seems so important to me. At times I've touched in on the significance, but at the moment it just seems like what I'm doing, melting down. What's the point?

Trying to remember what was my insight at the solstice? Like the moon was dragging something around. Was it the beam? The Galaxy people maybe. The GPs are not coming from the center of the galaxy, they are the galaxy, they're everywhere. They're not localized. So instead of coming like they did at Mt. Shasta, I just acknowledge this pattern of GP and integrate. Mystsynthesize.


Via Illuminata. Ollantaytambo, “Pyramid Temple” dedicated to the Wind. Receive the Earthkeeper Rite, connects you to a lineage of Archangels, guardians of our galaxy. The Rite of Earthkeeper helps you to learn the way of the seer and dream the world into being.

Aura/Wavelengths Galactic BeamingFrom the Shaman Healing Circle webpage:

"The Earthkeeper Rite connects us with a lineage of human beings who have lived beyond duality. Having fulfilled their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, the ego begins to come into a place of peace. The Soul begins to lead the day to day pathway in alignment with its true purpose. As Earthkeepers we have an expanded view; as if floating in the stars, we see the Pachamama or Mother Earth in her entirety, with all of her creation.  We develop a sense of stewardship of her. And as any good steward, we begin to vision the most beautiful future possible of the Earth. As Earthkeepers, our energy helps shape and paint the future. We are part of all creation. We can experience ourselves in and through life all over the planet. " astrology suggests doing new year ceremonies starting today for 9 days, 4 before day out of time and four after, for the moon hitting all the planets in the chart. Tomorrow's full moon is the last of the three supermoons or Super Moons (previous two were in May and June). I'm interested for one thing because the color healing on 7/8 GalacticMoonMeditation had three gateway runes. Also, my meditations for those moon days were spellbinding. 5-25 is first super moon, have photo, was aware of a galactic alignment and had a great meditation insight. 6-23 second super moon was the day after the Inner solstice sunrise meditation. Was the fantastic one, the galactic dew from sun movie. Should I do a sunrise meditation on the bay by myself?

EWAO World Meditation at 11a.m. CDT. Chanted until found the place activated that sources the blue aura vibes. That's it at the back of the neck. Back of the throat. Inner eye. Inhalations. Have to schedule vibes with my meditation.

who le I need to make the logo so beautiful that it will always be part of my artwork and leave it in because people are afraid of violating copyright so they just copy art and nobody can trace where it came from. So it looks like theirs even though they probably just want to spread the good news, the beauty. That's how they feel about things. But I want people to be able to find more of mine so I'm going to start putting logos on everything. And start surfing the facebook web more as wholeo than caroling.

Stones of Saxsayhuaman were looted by Spanish and everyone up to 1934. It was legal for minimal cost. So here are parts of this instrument spread all over, used in all different kinds of locations. Kind of wonderful in a way. Who knew that they were sounding blocks?

There has to be a way to do it (send blue vibes) without doing om. Do the om just to locate it. Connection to the Akasha. Breathing through the nose is a source of oxygenation. But breathing is done by every part of me. Past present and future. No time.


Via Illuminata. Meet in your small groups with FWS staff/shaman/guide. Take bus to explore Sacsayhuaman ruins.
I need to do this Galactic beam thing that we are the beam. It means a conscious action like hygiene or cleaning or having friends over or having a business meeting. Something that has to be planned, made time for, scheduled, enacted, and communicated. I see Souled out it doing it with the inverse Sirius star all blue radiated with the bands of dodecahedral structure, so like mine. Here are their links. They want feedback (See Sirius~Leo Cosmic Festival 2013 ~ Audio Meditation):

I listened to the webcast of The Shift network at 12pm PDT, The Next Scientific (R)evolution The Emergence of the Akashic Paradigm with Consciousness at the Core. There were quite a few concepts in today's talk that supported the galactic beam idea.

When I meditated, I got that the vibe generator is not completely mental, or at least the idea of them forms in inner ear, back of throat, cave of brahma. I did some aums and found the right resonant cave-like feeling.

Lapis lazuli in silvsr pendant I have started wearing the lapis lazuli necklace for blue vibe generation reminder.

At Saksayhuaman (in my remote tripping) I got a truly far out idea. The stones are blue vibe generators, and I was thinking of them as audio drums, not visuals, which is quite synaesthetic. The shapes of the blocks are made to do the right vibrations. Stone makers' stones all over Peru were instantly jamming. It needs to be kept activated with galactic beam intent. Blue vibes as stone songs!


Via Illuminata. Killarumiyoc, “Temple of the Moon and Fertility” to receive the Wisdomkeeper Rite, the ancient wisdom resides in the high mountains. The lineage of Wisdom keepers are medicine men and women who defeated death and stepped outside of time to taste the infinite.
What aura is up to

Woke up to siren alarm (like five days ago) that causes me to race to the front door to see what is the matter. It was about 3:37 when I looked at the clock after realizing it was a dream signal. Couldn't go back to sleep, so finally got up to meditate.

I feel water is pouring over me, like a waterfall. Idea for audio for the Galactic synchronization movie is to read The Scripture of Great Wisdom from the Buddhist monastery at Mt. Shasta. This great chant, just for the sound of a human voice.

Thinking about a Major Event of Transformation Body. A torus like the Pi Stone of Villoldo. It is like how the feathers are changing in the aura. In fact for the shower (water) I flex these, kind of like metalic leafs. They remind me of those steamers with metal leaves that will fold into any pot. Sort of slide along each other. I can open these up to the shower so it is in and going through at the same time.

Getting the feeling that I'll see more and more of this blue light. I'll be able to see in it as it guides me. I'm also kind of lonesome that I've taken this path. I'm so afraid of being crazy.


Via Illuminata. Cusco. Cathedral, Temple of the Coricancha and Main Square.

On dawn walk breathing affirmations were changeable and creative. Breathing from here out to infinity. Breathe in and out a couple of times, carrying the DNA strand tetlix. Breathe in to Machu Picchu, out, in, out. In to Cusco, out, in, out. In to Matrix, out, in, out. In to me, out, in, out. Infinity and micro infinity. Maybe that's the Wholeo breathing, with the central overlap seed shape in between max and min infinities.

Color healing 2013-07-18During meditation focused on the blue treasure chip of previous vision. Since I am the beam I just radiate this treasure and I don't know why. Blue chips came to me and I can pass them on.

During yoga looking at the intense blue pentagon in the color healing. See miniatures spread, fan out and down like confetti. But more regular, Like 3D vibe stationery.


Via Illuminata. We begin the day with a very early morning transfer to board the train to Machu Picchu (7,875 foot elevation). The train passes through the scenic valleys of the Andes and along the Urubamba River as it inches you closer to the “City of Light.”

Upon your arrival in Aguas Calientes, you and the Four Winds Staff will join up with guides in the fabled city of Machu Picchu, sharing their expertise. After the tour you may continue to explore the sanctuary at your own pace. Observe the vistas from the Intihuatana, the Temple of the Sun, or the Room of the Three Windows. Every which way you turn is a site to behold. Llamas graze the grassy terraces amongst the ruins and stone walls. You may even catch sight of a condor as you wander or meditate in this breathtaking and tranquil city.

If you are the adventurous sort, hike to Huayna Picchu (time permitting), the feminine mountain towering over Machu Picchu. Another hiking option would be to follow the Inca Trail from the Caretaker’s Hut to the high pass where the Sun Gate stands. Return by train in the afternoon.

My 1981 trip to Machu Picchu guided my life. On the second day, after I realized I was simultaneously Caroling from California and Tschiripaiya of Peru, I climbed up a path leading to the peak. This was the day I was to meet Villoldo's group. On the way I found an orchid (see lower left corner of the drawing) that captures my interest today. Interesting site: Delta Gardens has a picture of the flower definitely like mine (Sobralia dichotoma has that lantan leaf too). They steep the flowers to make a Peru Essence that holds the grids of a new paradigm for personality development and transformation.

That is like my continuing mission. Today I feel a deep contentment and gratitude for all the spiritual tour is doing today. I'm at rapt attention for healing. 


Via Illuminata. Pachar “Temple of the Waters” at Unu Urco to receive the Daykeeper Rite. The Daykeeper is able to call on the power of the ancient stone altars found in sacred places to heal and bring balance to the world. Helps you to heal your inner feminine and step beyond fear and practice peace. Lunch in Urubamba town.

quartz crystal beach sand

My "ancient stone" altar is the crystal sand that has come from the mountains to be at the shore, all the edges of water like the edges of my breathing and the edges of my awareness.

Left hand with sand mudraWalked the ramp breathing in for 2 steps and out for 3. Started normal Matrix 2012 breathing. Then switched to breathe in to a place and out to another place using the stars, Matrix and FL in any order. Then switched to breathe out to where I'm at and in to another place, so reversing the previous breathings. For awhile different mixes including Machu Picchu, Unu Urco and Matrix. Finally left out the stars and me and breathed back and forth between Matrix and Unu Urco.

sand right hand mudraI carried sand between thumb and middle finger of each hand. Brought some home for the altar.


Via Illuminata. Earth Temple of Moray, where the Laika cross-bred their wisdom and their corn. Four gigantic bowls lined with massive stone walls. Receive the blessing of the Seer Rite, awakens my ability to perceive the invisible world. Lunch in Urubamba town.

From the Shaman Healing Circle webpage:

"The Seer Rite enables us to embrace the fullness of our sensing capabilities. Five pathways of light are woven from the third eye to the visual cortex in the back of the head and two pathways of light are woven from the heart Chakra to the visual cortex. These pathways are infused with energy, reawakening the Shaman’s way of seeing. In the West we are trained to focus with our eyes to see exactly what is in the literal world. We tend to focus so much energy on this that we diminish our natural ability to take in information from all the levels around us. The Seer Rite helps us to perceive energy in many ways. Sensing more of the fullness of energy around us, we will no longer be able to block out our own shadow. We will see the shadow and light of others more clearly, as well. This is why the Seer Rite is connected to the heart Chakra, so that we may see ourselves and others through our most compassionate heart.

The Bands of Power, the Harmony Rites, and the Seer Rites give us the tools we need for the journey. This foundation prepares our luminous energy field to hold the vibration and growth available in the next five Rites."

On the beach: clouds and sea oats in the wind at Galaxy beam angle. Today I placed sage on the altar to self-smudge.

Standing qigong. The left and right balance sides so important. My left often feels cramped during meditation. This time, standing, the left was up. The right arm seemed weighted down. To take advantage, to grow the chakras and today, to see the invisible, you need to have balance. One side can't be weighing you down so release. I was totally rooted in pacha mama and then the chakras opened up above. Suddenly see that for my movie, have to round the aura feathers. Make one big feather on top is the evolution of this aura.

featherI met a kindred spirit on the beach. We found a feather. The way she's waving the feather around, the way she holds it makes me think she gave me an aura healing, as I watch it. Didn't enter my head then. Shaman work in mysterious ways.

Later, absolutely wonderful yoga. I remembered the video I had seen this morning of someone lying down with several red blanket-clad natives working; very close physical aura healing different parts of the body. I imagined that attention to my seated form.

At one point felt a pin cushion, tightly packed density looking like thin as straight pins but long as 12” needles all over me, like a musical instrument. I played it. I sent this joy healing out and to all the participants in Peru. At one point the flare was more like long grasses in water. At one point this seemed so joyously valuable that I submitted it to the Akashic Records library so that anyone could check it out, like a coat.

The joy seemed too intense to bear sometimes. Felt flowers pink exuding from between the spinal bones. The feather from up the spine overhead, flares, arching from both sides, but the center, like a keystone part of an arch, seems undefined. There's something about the upright feather that is like NW Coast Indian art. Maybe totem pole quality. Or meaning. It is the black and white forms. How do I get the building steeple to morph into the feather. Or many feathered rounded topped aura?

At one point pressure inward and body shrink-wrapped vacuumed out so tiny green alien shrunken form remained. Everything about me, that is my awareness, was not inside, not subject to the pressure, and yet it was formless. It could not be described as a body because it had no edges. Closest description is a cloud. Not infinite or expanding or needing definition, but can't be outlined by any form or shapes.


Via Illuminata. Pisac, the Temple of the Falcon, ruins. Receive the Harmony Rite, whereby the shaman transmits the seven archetypes into my chakras as seeds. Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, Eagle, Huascar, Quetzalcoatl, Pachakuti. Afterwards, Pisac market in town square.

(The wolf shaman says this is place to connect with Universal Identity. Site is related to the crown chakra that relates to consciousness and pure awareness.) The magic of this day was finding an out of season earthstar.



Via Illuminata. Tipon, Temple of the Waters, built by the Inka Pachacutec. Receive the Healer Rite, connecting to a lineage of shamans from the past to assist in my personal healing.
( Restless night ending up sleeping late. In the middle of the night sometime I woke up to a loud siren and ran to the front door, thinking or rather fearing that there was some sort of general emergency. Gradually dawned on me that the siren had diminished to normal sound of silence, which for me is a low roar. To test if I'm imagining anything I cover my ears. When it is the same I realize there is no sound. Only now after morning walk and breakfast, writing at 9:30 does it seem loud and clear that was a wakeup call. Wake up. Does it imply listening? Is audio more important? Or should I be able to hear the sound in a dream and realize I'm in a dream and be lucidly dreaming with Beam Being. Or by interpreting the siren in terms of personal fear I was off, I wasn't getting the message. If I hadn't freaked out, what else might have happened? I could have been awestruck and said wow, I can do that too and screamed. What else?

Channeling energies during meditationUp at 6:30. Temp 70° so off I went to the beach. There was tremendous lightning almost all last night coming south. Not aware that it came here but all tracks on the beach were rained out.

Found seaweed that I took home to put on altar. Wrack. I stood and did some qigong meditation until I heard a fly buzz. I got that the five elements are more like friends. Allies. Awarenesses? When I stood I felt like earth is what makes healing. The sun is always in contact with the galactic being all the time whether it is aligned or reflected off the moon or not. So, the healers, I felt like tuning into because that's what's on their mind.

The important healing is to be sensitive to earth. Felt galactic beam and I am it. Just like they always say, I am god. No difference. When I first stood, I saw that angle that I got in Mt. Shasta and the Galaxy people. (I think the last one on the first page.) Anyway, the earth healing is what we have to do. That's what's needed and that's who we are too. So it is the connection between galactic beam being and earth being that's needed. Of course that has been the message and essence of yoga all along. So is there anything new that I can say? At the end of that time, I thought mostly of earth, which was mostly the sound of air and the feel of wind on my body. The fire was the sun. Water was between the lake and the Gulf. And pouring down my face in sweat.

Ladybug landed on my glasses. I got it off. Who knows, maybe that's galactic beam being telling me to see. I gotta see the allegory in everything. Omens. The shaman's way. I forgot light. I guess that's the real message. About mystsynthesis is in earth light connecting.

Feel sick, tired, cold and nauseous. Maybe need to cleanse or purge. Is the healing experience getting rid of toxins? My first interpretation of fatigue is that I've missed something. Misinterpreted something. On web searched for "peru shaman healing rite" and came to this page: Villoldo! Similar healings with better descriptions. 9 rites. Healer's Rite is first. The Nine Great Rites of Enlightenment.

The journey starts with the Healer's Rite, which helps us to recognize that we are on a spiritual journey.  This rite enhances self-healing and activates our hands to convey energy to ourself and others.  It connects us to an ancient lineage of shaman and healers. By receiving this Rite, we acknowledge the journey, our impact on others, and our connection to those who have come before us. We receive the help of the Voyagers of all time.

What I got yesterday and today all are part of the bands of power.

Links to the next step in evolution. As far as I can see, Villoldo has steeped in most everything that I have and distilled it into ancient prophesies attached to Peru. If it truly all was in there, such as chakras, 2012, and such diverse concepts from around the world, that's OK. Will neither deny or believe in it. I'm just very happy that the culture seems to fit, feels just fine and I'm happy to feel this deep rapport.

Meditation about 3pm: First I did the Rainbow Bridge meditation and then I become the galaxy beam being. The shamans are checking out every bone of my spine. When it reaches the top, a liquid drop suffuses all. It is like mild, beneficent kundalini.

I feel this enormous pressure, the weight of our atmosphere pressing down on our physical bodies. I allowed that to compress my ego into this tiny little pebble. Now free of this weight. Now is a feeling of love, bliss, gratitude and all the elements. I fan hands over upper lungs in front of shoulder joints. Chanting. Raise arms in the V. Channeling the energies down. That's the yoga of the healing of today.

Quiet. Then sense a shaman close, then rows of shamans lined up left, right, left, right like leaves on a vine. I'm reminded of a Buddhist chant (the heart sutra from Kennett Roshi at Mt. Shasta Zen Center). Homage to the Buddhas in all worlds.

A pale blue cloud emanates from the heart. This cloud has healing properties. I can bring it to parts of my body that are tense or that feel left out. I can send the cloud via the web to people that feel hateful, limited, deficient. And even those that are enlightened. Send it to Matrix. Pachamama shrine by Rosaspata, Peru. Keeper of this energy.

A cap pointing straight up. Thinking of the pi, the torus stone. Thinking that my Shasta Per (see lower right piece of wood) is the rough approximation of that. Teacher, transducer. The light we speak of is not the light that travels up an optic nerve. I breathe fumes like incense, like candle light breath of energy. I love these teachers giving themselves to this task. Strong hearts. And yet they don't care. Don't care. Care. Laughing. A talking meditation. I never heard of that before. Thinking of the beautyberry of the flowers nestled around the stalk. Like they spring out. So much like I'm feeling. Whish wooosh whiszz, both ways.

Getting a deep ultra purple blue ultra violet. So nourishing. Making tone. A clear person can emit tones. Vibraharps, strings, chants, drones fill the scene or feels clean, cleansing.


Via Illuminata. Pumamarca, the Temple of the Puma (45 min hike up to ruins). Receive the Bands of Power for Protection. Five luminous belts of earth, air, fire, water, and light. (In Patacancha Valley, Ollantaytambo, Peru.

Also spelled Pumamarka. See map here: Galactic beam being prints. Good morning walk. Very slow to examine everything.

Galactic beam printsFootprints main impact. Where prints are is my power spot. I thought they were bear tracks. I noticed a lot of people, dog, and coyote prints. Seemed like there were little bears. Four toes in a row rather than slanted down like people's usually are. Then there was this huge track that looked like it came from space and left. It didn't look carved, it looked like an impact.

So if someone wanted to fake that, OK. But if it is real why am I even interested in it? What is my purpose in the whole shaman spectacle? Why am I here? The galactic beam that's talked about, there's a new one. To me, those are footprints of the beam. The beam is not photons, it is being. With means of locomotion like ours. It's like us but bigger and more mysterious. Maybe that inoutfall is a power place for me. Maybe that marks it right there. If I want to get beam, beamed up, I should go there.

I spent a long time yesterday trying to find Pumamarka which I had put in the wrong place on the map. I finally found it on a labeled road going up to the site. I'm excited about that. Virtual finding, not physical I mean, even though it has a physical aspect. Everything is scale.

This morning something said "meditate". My head reasoned, to get to the ceremony place they have to go a long way. Not likely that they would be there at 11am. But my heart is saying "this is the time now".

I did the rainbow bridge. Very vivid. I'm feeling this feeling of a being here now. Awareness. It has love in it and gratitude, joy, bliss, intensity. And Nothing.

I heard I should not only straighten up, open out, but admit light. Open eyes wide. After staring at the sky I looked down at the rug, with a pink rosy afterimage in the sky shape which means the light coming in from the sky must have been galaxy green.


Start to remotely follow the Alberto Villoldo Via Illuminata tour to the Sacred Valley of Peru from 7-11 through 7-23.


Via Illuminata is a journey of illumination. You will visit ancient archaeological sites of the Inka, and experience the nine great rites of passage of the medicine way that were first revealed to Dr. Villoldo. Every day you depart with a small group accompanied by your Four Winds Staff, Peruvian guides and shamans to work intimately in one of the archaeological sites. In the evening, join in community as Alberto shares his wisdom and vision for our becoming. In addition, you will participate in healing ceremonies led by our shamans.

During our journey you will celebrate and understand the Pachakuti, or ‘turning over of the world.’ For the shamans this is not an intellectual understanding that you can acquire from reading a book or listening to a lecture. It is a cellular experience, a direct cognition that occurs during the process of the initiations you will receive. Itinerary details given each day (actual expedition may vary):

Arrive Cusco, the former capital of the Inka Empire. Go to Hotel in Sacred Valley. Meet Alberto, Laika shamans and Four Winds Staff (FWS). Opening fire ceremony.

(Laika are now called Q'ero shamans. They are the finest medicine men and women of the Andes. Came from Mu bringing golden disc of the sun.) Woke up about 5:30, check weather OK. Wearing Mt Shasta per, NZ greenstone, and OMlulu twirl earrings. Out at DLSP gate at 6:15. Purple beautyberry flowering bush is called “early amethyst”. Name is Callicarpa.

I remembered to breathe to Peru shamans often on walk. Breathe in to stars, out to shamans, in to s stars, out to me. Some variations are breathing in and out with each other, bypassing stars and yet this still can be tet DNA. Or breathe in to myself out to my stars or their stars, in shamans, out to stars, theirs or mine. Simplest is just the reverse of the first, so start with Shaman in to their stars out to me, in to stars out to shaman. Hmm, that sounds like the same just different starting point. Thinking of the path more like infinity sign (or Möbius strip), than DNA tets.

Was amazed at the amount of water still in the dunes. Lakes and puddles. Deer lichen not submerged. Gulf water greenish, so much like the vegetation on the dune. Sea oats on blessing beach is lovely. Inoutfall still open. .9 miles from where I parked on 30A. Walked quite a ways back alongside inoutfall.

Coming back on ramp realized my breath was same with shaman, although I'm seeing him (a person's face from side).

Huge amount of garbage, the big pieces from beyond the bird fence, but I watched for nests. Did see one plover and got scolded by some bird.

Added to altarWhen home, learned that each day of journey, I should put something on the altar. I had gathered nothing but photos. Looked on my shelves of toys and fixed on a clay pot I had made. A vessel to be filled. Good. But behind that was the petrified wood of Kauri from New Zealand peat bog. And beside that was Christopher Pirsig's whisk. All three are on the altar.

After realizing that I'm breathing with the shaman, our breath is the same, not separate, then writing this, it is the movement of breath that gives info. Shaman as much in touch with where the breath is being pulled from as the target of the breath within body.

Now the question is when to meditate, if not all the time. I avoided going to the store since I still have enough fresh food to eat, even if my favorites are gone, such as banana, avocado and tomatoes. When post to blog? Each day? Do post at end of day?

Meditated in tent on balcony so I would be away from my usual home cave vibes. Too hot, over 80. At first I thought if I remained still that temperature would not be a factor. But it was. Noticed each little breeze promising respite. At first I closed my eyes so as to not be local. Didn't have any of the intensity or love or usual emotional features. Found myself thinking about the daily things. Heard to open my eyes as wide as possible. This is about light. The high Andes, the Peruvian area at 10K feet or so is lighter which is useful in itself.

Some attention to altitude and thin air. Shaman in this group about interface. It is not bringing some truth to group. It is knowing where each person is, what truth is their next step. It is sort of like massaging an interface to elicit what is potentially there. None of us would be investing this effort, time, money whatever if we were not expecting some reward or result that we imagined would be possible and desirable. The shaman doesn't even have to know much beyond the interface in any direction.

Shocked myself by looking at the timer at 20 minutes. Usually in meditation I lose all sense of time or thought of wanting it to be over. Sometimes the thought arises that I am meditating and wondering where we are at in it. Kind of like checking ID. But always the thought immediately follows that there is nothing I'd rather be doing so why worry. Looked again at less than 5 minutes remaining.

Then it came. A seed arrived. It was by slightly flexing the arms of Wholeo symbol so they overlapped slightly and in the junction was the shaman seed. Everything I gain during this trip will be like layers of a seed. Maybe the nutrition and the this and the that parts are to come, but this is the core.

Did artwork of the shaman seed that I like. At top of page and as new Wholeo symbol.


Worked all morning until entering cutlines for the graphics in Galactic Synchronization movie stills. Suddenly just too tired to continue. Went to bed, feeling like beams of light coming in crashing like meteorites, subtly around me. As I lay there, not sleeping but divinely relaxed, I felt the Galactic Beam edges, precursors. It is a huge thing and feathered edges. I see everything through my graphic lens head. I felt the Inner solstice sunrise glow beams but kind of not around me but being me. I'm like a square pan full of this beaming dough, rising as if yeasted.

Then there is a blue cube nugget beamed in. It is like a treasure chest opened to my right. This rectangular illumination is like a chip or transforming blueness. The blue quality is not steady, can't pin it down to ultramarine or emerald or neon or day-glo. In fact I can't really form a fixed image to identify it. Any artwork will have to be changing each frame, strobed. Strobing. Flickering. Transcendental. And yet it is embedded and my cells or less than cell components, agents, are very excitedly aware of and synergizing this energy and ability. Getting to know. Utilizing. Storing. Conforming. Collocating. Communing. Could I call it a beam jewel?

It seems like and feels like I could dissolve, resolve and ascend beyond but I don't. I choose to remain (or find myself remaining) and finish, finishing my movies. I don't know how to judge these decisions, if they are that, or necessities, if they are that. Could it really just be what's fun?

Seeing more about the solstice lineup, how beam news comes beaming from galactic center. Channeled through the moon, sieved by earth going to sun. Gathered by sun beamed back through us to full moon reflecting galactic beam with sunlight to us again. Our recognition, awareness, gratitude, gathers and refines the beam for human level and we transmit to sun as we adore its light and give thanks for its rising. So again love returns in waves and these reverberations are the stuff of life.

I have been increasingly drawn to and feeling in accord with the Mayan calendar prophesy of Galactic Synchronization with the end of an old beam and arrival of new Galactic Beam on July 26. I can not follow the astrology and literary symbolism of the 13-moon calendar and Dreamspell. It seems like literary fabrications, elaborations beyond my sight and grasp and perhaps need. I accept that time is beyond categories and labels. My experience seems to be physio-visual.

Also specifically I need to rise before dawn, drive to entrance to DLSP, walk south to Gulf and west to the inoutfall along Blessings Beach. Do DNA breathing to Peru. During the day follow guidance on the Villoldo tour. The next two weeks end July 24, the end of the Mayan 13-moon calendar year and day before the Day Out of Time.

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