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Outer Solstice 2013 December

On the Outer solstice at 11:11 CST, December 21 2013, the Galactic Beam streams from the center of the galaxy to the sun. From the sun to earth which is as far as it gets all year from the core. Earth beams to Eyebing, which has now reached the Galactic Center. Imagine that the beam follows blue lines in the image. See the galactic lineup from a different perspective.

See Galactic beam paths for each full moon and special event from the June Inner Solstice to the December full moon.

Event times

6:35 Sunrise in east - meditated with Emerald Coast Meditation Society at WaterColor beach.

9:16 Moonset in west

11:11 Solstice where sun is an hour east of south and lined up with the center of the galaxy. The waning gibbous moon underfoot at the angle from sun to earth, through earth and 3.5 days past a line to the outer edge of the galaxy. Walked the Wild Heron Preserve Labyrinth with friends. See video of the Moment of Solstice.

4:48 Sunset in west - overcast diffused light - dinner with friends

8:48 Moonrise in east

Note: CST is -6 Universal Time (UT). For me this was an experience centering the previous and following days in the event. I describe it in my weB log entry for 2013-12-21 with links to relevant topics, building momentum of the event.

Galactic Moonbeam Mystsynthesis Event. Facebook Event. See Hello Galaxy.

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