Inner solstice setup

Inner Solstice 2013

Here are diagrams of the galactic lineup at the time of the Inner solstice, with benefit of a nearby full moon. See a description, sunrise meditation, and supermoon sections.

The aqua-colored circle shows the person on earth in orbit around the sun.

The pink circle shows the sun in orbit around the center of the galaxy, depicted as the Galactic core.

The green circle shows the moon in orbit around the earth. At the Inner solstice, the full moon is between the person on earth and the center of the galaxy. The new moon is between the person and the sun.

Inner solstice 2013 moonSince the 2012 shift happened, let's expand our horizons galactically. See the quarterly equinox and solstice events not only as oriented to the seasons between earth and sun, but between earth, sun and galaxy.

Call these events the advance and follow equinox and the inner and outer solstice. That solves the problem of June being summer in the north of earth and winter in the southern hemisphere. We do not need to refer to the Gregorian calendar months. Focus on the galactic cycles of our journey within the celestial sphere.

At the June solstice we are between the sun and galactic center, side by side with the sun's movement. Wholeo calls it the Inner solstice. Join global meditations on June 21 at 05:04 UT (12:04 a.m., midnight CDT). The full moon is soon after on June 23 at 1:32 UT (6:32 a.m. CDT). The photo to the right is within minutes of the exact solstice on June 21.

Some of these graphics appeared as elements for the December 98 solstice.

My experiences are blogged here. Also, see a large version of the visionary graphic showing what I saw.

Galaxy People vision, Inner solstice 2013

Sunrise Meditation

mysted sunrise

Video of subtle mysterious sun splat at sunrise during meditation, June 22.

moon at perigee compared to notSupermoon

When I set out on the adventure told in Mt. Shasta and the Galaxy People, I didn't know the astronomical facts about the first full moon after the Inner solstice or that astrologically it is called a supermoon. That is because the moon is full when it is at perigee, the closest it gets to earth during its annual orbit. Being closer, it looks larger and is brighter than at any other time of year.

This year the first full moon after the Inner solstice was less than 18 hours later at 6:32 a.m. June 23. My experiences are blogged here. See background graphic on it's own page: Rainbow that appeared soon after the moon was full.

See Wholeo Galactic or Inner solstice 2012. See also Year 2013. Back to LookInOut 2013.

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