Galactic Synchronization title

Inner solstice alignment: person on earth is between Galactic core, full moon, and sun. At Galactic Synchronization we enter a new Galactic beam.

LookInOut 2013 - Galactic Synchronization, movie stills

On July 26, or 2013-07-26, according to some Mayan calendar folks, we enter a new galactic beam. Galactic synchronization happens. The movie is of visions of expanding consciousness to dodecahedral space. Background and credits for elements of this artwork are in the weB log 2013 on June 21. Here are some stills. See also page 1A, page 2 and page 3 stills.

Brain cells expand
Brain cells expand

5 brain cells form EIEnor, expanded consciousness
5 brain cells synergize, forming EIEnor, structure of expanded consciousness

Expanded consciousness EIEnor, multidimensional
EIEnor, structures of expanded consciousness, multidimensional

Meditation bell audio waveform
Meditation bell audio waveform

Spirit Dancer
Spirit dancer

Figure in Poincare dodecahedral universe
Figure in Poincare dodecahedral multiverse

12-fold space
Find pentagons

Aura is changing
Aura is changing

Aura is illluminating
Aura is illuminating with solstice glow beams

Aura sends as well as receives
Aura sends as well as receives

Emblem. I didn't color this, the movie editing program did it. One frame out of 30 frames per second. Not visible as the movie plays, why is it there? I don't question its beauty.

Study for galactic beam aura transformation
Study for galactic beam aura transformation.

Galactic beam appears in multiverse
Galactic beam appears in multiverse. See more.

Stills, page 1A, page 2 and page 3. See Galactic Synchronization 2013.

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