9/22/2013 noon at Deer Lake State Park, under a roof on the ramp between forest and beach on the Gulf of Mexico
360 view of Deer Lake State Park at noon on 9/22/2013 from under a roof on the dune crossover ramp from the forest to the beach on the Gulf of Mexico. It rained before and after this event.

Between forest and beach, September 2013

I celebrated the Follow equinox with a trip to Deer Lake State Park. Carrying a big golf umbrella to keep the rain off my camera gear, I set up where I was dry but could see out all around. This is a large image, over a megabyte. Why so big? It has detail of the state of the buildings in the neighboring WaterSound development, the ramp, the dunes and the forest. It even has some peeks at the Gulf of Mexico and the coastal dune lake, Deer Lake. Every ten years, photography and web content preparation and delivery change dramatically. This picture updates my panoramas of 10 years ago. Compare them to see the increase in detail, resolution, just the amount of information included. All are QuickTime only. My first view was in March 2002 .Again in January 2003, before the fence WaterSound put up, showing the edge of the park. After the fence in March 2003 or resizable.

See this image in a moving panorama, QuickTIme or Flash, embedded in galactic visions. For iPhone or iPad, see the QuickTime version on the World Wide Panorama site.

The background image is white sand made of quartz crystals that is gray or neutral when wet. See images from 2009 on and Deer Lake State Park.

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