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Geome Journal 2013

It started with the Birthday 77 geode find for Caroling followed with journal start in 2011, continued in 2012. Here is my Geome Journal for 2013.

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8-28-2013 When my daughter was in grade school, I think Summerland, a Waldorf school, one day she came home with a gift she had knitted for me. It was a small round bag with a top. For over 30 years it has moved with me but had no purpose until this year, when Geome fit in perfectly. I had not carried Geome with me away from home for over a year, since it had fallen into pieces. Now it has become portable, safe, securely contained.

Geome in bag, with lid

Geome figures in Galactic Beam Being meditation following the Galactic Synchronization 2013. When time to sync, I hold Geome in my hand to sense the vibration of the day. Most often unexpectedly warm. Sometimes energetically cool as if a buffer of astringent vibrations swirled the edge. Always communicative, in touch. Whether or not I understand or comprehend the vibe, I get it.

Wholeo logo icon I center the Wholeo logo over my inner eye with the star chip from Sirius in the center. I imagine Geome as the local power crystal and do pineal and Galactic Sync Beam circulation.

9-03-2013 See photo and entry on 7-20-2014, when I revisited this date.

Eyebing icon9-05-2013 Geome joined the inspiration for Eyebing. See the Wholeo blog entry and Eyebing page.

9-11-2013 Geome traveled between Florida and New Jersey for end-of-summer vacation. Often exchanged crystal vibes with the star Sirius in the morning. This picture captures Sirius' unique focus between day and night. Geome continues daily atunement in Galactic Beam Being.

09-22-2013 {Note: copied from blog.} Sat to meditate for the Follow equinox for a mere 6 minutes or so. Sang om namo shivaya and gate gate. Held Geome. Tried to remember the beam guidance about the angles coming around to the equinox which is not retained in mind. Suddenly Geome activated (in my visions). Began sparkling and gleaming and sending out facets of light communications I wish I could describe because sure to forget. I forgot to write this down after meditation, too excited to see my pano stitched by Photoshop. What was or is Geome now doing? The sparkles were sending a message and shaping something. It came as info. Now all I can do is suggest possibilities. Installing Galactic Beam Being (GBB)? Creating peace? Doing what it was meant to do. I'm just a caretaker. Maybe it is not up to me to report and document the action result. {Note: Later I thought it might be maybe a visual of wholeopen.}

See also the Wholeo Blog: weB log 2013.

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