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Rite of Passage - Vajra Vision

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July 19, 2007

Getting plumes from Mel Geary. Then like 3D morse code almost like a debris field, but very orderly and info oriented. Could be forming into earth rings, along Elo paths.

July 21, 2007 at 4:00 pm CDT

Liz calls saying he (Mel Geary) died. I feel a great rushing up whirling ccw energy with an elo energy trying to encompass but it whirls apart into myriad tiny gaia capsules. He a gaia man. Dispersing. wafting away nothing to stop it. Mel has been gone for some time now. yet there is a wooden core. Vertical, weathered, not cut like a board but fibres like organic growth. Now that might be the potential. The stored goodness that stopped growing outwardly years ago because it was just too hard. Log. Might listen.

Wood becomes enflamed. Charcoal. Compressed become diamond light. It does not reconstitute into cambium or living air light water any elements. It compresses to point.

I looked at all the books and could find nothing to relate to Mel's state. This glee is what he has been preparing for and now may manifest. I do not believe Mel need undergo the bardo. What seemed like conceit on his part was a shell. Don't think he even needs the three days. Feel it is all done. What am I missing? Maybe he wants me to butt out. ??

Vajzrah, Vazjra, Vajra.

Feel like making a black page with zoom in vajra, a dorje from the front that is a diamond jewel.

After the burning and consolidation there was a residue. A drop of oil or honey, making me think of the meaning of Mel, which I once looked up and found a definition of honey. I placed this for the boys, fritz, eliz, sophia, and tony.

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