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Inner solstice 2013 Sunrise Meditation

ECMS sunrise meditation June 22 (2013-06-22). Four of us sitting on a dock out in the Choctawhatchee Bay. I know I was dazzled by the sun red lacy dancing wave tops. But when first sat, I was absorbed in the fractal nature of waves. How the little waves were just the same as the big and there were many graduations between the tiny and the big 2-foot troughs. That led to everything being of absolutely equal importance, significance. That led to refeeling myself as myriad swarm. I was not aware of any rain or splashing.

That's why in this video, the red glow and moisture that suddenly appears on the camera lens is so inexplicable. The way the drops and the blur instantly disappear when I turn the camera after meditation is strange, too. Looking at the 30 frame per second movie frame by frame, over and over, I get the sense that the blurry glow is emanating from the sun. This unusual experience reminds me of the subtle flash of light I discovered on the video of the Outer solstice 2012 sunrise meditation video. Later an Inner solstice 2014 illumination in the Solstice Pinkup video.

This diagram shows the center of the galaxy (Galactic Core) lined up with the full moon and earth embodied as a figure facing the sun.

The background image is a lighter version of a rainbow that happened the next morning at the exact time of the full moon. Back to Inner Solstice 2013.

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