Panhandle Trace Hike #10, 2013

FTA Panhandle Trace Hike 2013

This 9-day hike happened from Mar. 29-Apr. 6, 2013. Here's the planned map of starting locations for each day. It was sponsored by the Florida Trail Association Western Gate Chapter and led by Peggy Grantham. All about the trace with links to related pages. Plan: daily trip reports. Facebook page: Note, for what I did and for the changes to the plans, see the Web Blog.

Peggy's 10th and last year leading this neat adventure.  She says, "We hike a total of 100 miles in 9 days, from 8 to 15 miles a day.  Each day is a new adventure!  You can hike the whole 100 miles or just half a day's trip, take your pick.  I will be your guide and trail angel along the way.  You can camp at night or go home each night or motel, your choice.  Watch for more information as it gets closer."

See the movie trailer: Vimeo or YouTube. For each day see the Day links. For FTA details see the Meetup site links and PHOTOS:

See Background graphic map. Back to Florida National Scenic Trail views.

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