Day 1 Panhandle Trace Hike 2013

Day 1 Panhandle Trace Hike 2013

Panhandle Trace Hike #10, 2013Click image for Google map of starting locations. Meeting place for Day 1 on March 29 is at the northwest side of the Kennedy Bridge. From highway 4 between Munson and Baker, go north on Beaver Creek Rd. Turn right on Kennedy Bridge Rd. going east to the meeting place at the north west side of the Kennedy Bridge. Google map.


3/29/2013 I got up early and left home at 5:30 to drive to the meeting place. There were more people than had signed up on Meetup. I think 18. At about 8:00 we loaded into cars to shuttle to the Alabama border. I intended to hike as far as I could since there were several options for pickup by Trail Angel along the way. Some people were aware of crossing the state line, but I missed it. After a single mile, Peggy was on a crossroad with her blue van offering water and pickup. I wasn't ready until the four-mile point.

I only completed part of the hike for some of the days. My goal was to do as much as I could and get a feel for the entire process. Peggy brought me back to my car. She showed me a scrapbook she has kept of the 10 years' hikes. I looked at it while waiting for the hikers.

When everyone returned to the meeting place, some followed Peggy to the Blackwater River State Park where we set up camp for five days. Each campsite has running water, electric outlet, picnic table, fire ring, and grill. Tents must be set up on the gravel. Luckily mine does not depend on stakes, so I only used a couple in the dirt at the edge.

I needed to upload photos and charge my iPhone, computer, and camera batteries each night. I left the tent rain fly off so I could look at the stars. The air was cold. In fact I put one sleeping bag inside the other during the night. I tried to cover most of my head and breathe semi-warmed air because the outside air hurt my nostrils.

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