Day 8 Panhandle Trace Hike 2013

Day 8 Panhandle Trace Hike 2013

Panhandle Trace Hike #10, 2013Click image for Google map of planned starting locations. Today's meeting and starting point was at the East River Bridge. Hikers did a round trip since the northern portion had been closed by Eglin AFB. PHOTOS.

4/05/2013 Hike is changed to Eglin, hiking north from East River Bridge. Have to leave here at 6:30a.m.

I woke up at 6:15. Overcast, cold and very windy. Saw someone leaving with a wave out of a car. It is feeling so much like not being here. I'm going to try breakfast in the tent.

Reasons to go home are that I won't have to find my bread, which I might have left at the motel, for lunch sandwiches. Won't have to put on more sunscreen and insect repellent. Worst is a cough and sore throat so I might be getting sick.

What I'm missing of this trip for video are the final people movies, the walking along the beach. The meeting at Pensacola beach tomorrow morning. I've got great shots of Fort Pickens and at least the meeting place at the East River bridge.

Before I leave I should

1. Get some shots of people's camping here. (Done: Thom and Gordy's. Linda, Ruth, and Marjorie).

2. Drive to Fort Pickens and see the museum. (Didn't do.)

3. Not really part of FT hike. Walk past the dump and store to the beach and get beach walk shots. (Drove past it. But did one beach walk with a dune trail.)

4. Go to Langdon Beach and walk down the beach a little, then cross over to the inland trail and see what that is like. (Didn't walk much down the beach but did cross over and walked up the inland trail a bit. The ranger at the registration center was just about no help at all. Did not know where the Florida Trail blazes were.)

5. Do the parking lot at Pensacola Beach. Finally figured out where Pensacola Beach is. It is to the right where I branched off 399 from Navarre to get on Fort Pickens Rd. Now have the map on my camera. Should upload to computer. I could take the bridge over to 98 and come home that way. (I did the parking lot at Pensacola Beach. Did not find any Florida Trail blazes.)

Can't backup photos from 4/2 on because Luk is full. Gotta get a bigger portable drive or clean out Luk if want to do more of this sort of thing. There are very nice campsites here. Got a photo of one I would move to maybe. Eating orange is a small miracle of deliciousness, raw and fresh. OK since I'm definitely leaving will pack coffee and lunch. Bread is gone or unfindable, so using crackers.

I did have fun checking out stuff. It was cold and windy today. Not fun like the day before. Took 20 minutes I think to get from Fort Pickens to Pensacola Beach. Don't know how long to get back to Navarre bridge. Kind of enjoyed the slow mesmerizing drive through the dunes. I missed the Pensacola bridge which must have been the two left lanes that curved backwards. I took the straight/right lane. In Destin I caught myself going to sleep at least three times. Slow heavy crowded traffic of spring break on Friday afternoon. Thermos of coffee did not wake me up. Only thing that worked was the crunchy rice chips.

Home at last in late afternoon. The trip photos are 85GB! Now eating lettuce that has survived beautifully for 8 days. Wow. In salad with cooked frozen corn, string beans and lima beans. With almonds and pumpkin seeds. I am fiercely worn out. Zonked. Miserabled. Think I'll look at the morning's pix.

I called Peggy. She is happy about the hike. Sob, how drained and tired I am. But simultaneously blissed out in spite of all odds, I feel grounded and rooted in Florida and in sync with earth.

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