Day 9 Panhandle Trace Hike 2013

Day 9 Panhandle Trace Hike 2013

Panhandle Trace Hike #10, 2013Click image for Google map of planned starting locations. Of course I was not there for this day's hike, so I don't know if they met at Pensacola Beach or Fort Pickens. Six hikers did finish every mile, however. PHOTOS.

4/06/2013 I put the photos taken on Day 8 on the Meetup page for Day 9 because they are of the locations, scenery and content of Day 9.

Peggy wrote in email:

"On the last day at the trail head at Fort Pickens I was met by many old members of the Western Gate such as Ginger and Ed Moore that started the chapter in 1992. Others also like the Creel's, Randy and Susan, and Susan Fishbaugh and Trudy Walden. The Brinkman's were there too, George and Annette. They presented me with several cards and a book and a gift certificate and money. It was quite a surprise. Thanks to you and everyone that hiked this year, that is what makes it such a great experience.

"I talked to Christine Hale who will be doing the Trace Hike from now on. She will lead her first one in October 2014. I will be talking to her more and helping her as I can."

Here are three videos from the Fort Pickens portion of the trail:

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