Day 3 Panhandle Trace Hike 2013

Day 3 Panhandle Trace Hike 2013

Panhandle Trace Hike #10, 2013Click image for Google map of starting locations. PHOTOS.

3/31/2013 Easter. Woke up at 3:30am and decided to meditate. It was amazing, with guidance and visions. The power is out to our outlet box and computer at 88% power so maybe I shouldn't be writing.

Even getting up that early, all I did was bathroom trip, cup of tea, heat up coffee in thermos. Got two milks and something else for breakfast. Then ate sweet potato chips in car. When I got out of my tent, Peggy was gone. Turns out she went to the day area to exercise doggy Pepe and such so as not to wake people up. When she got back she said she couldn't make or get coffee because the electric fixers occupied the whole road.

I now had learned to join the caravan of cars at the park entrance at 6:30. I followed Peggy to the meeting point and hike end point which I think is the Red Rock Rd. where Juniper and Jackson trails intersect. Peggy and Helen described the burns problems. I get pictures of sunrise. I then drove my car to the start point of the hike which was Peggy's vision of how I could do partial hike in with others and out at my own speed. The hike start point was around the corner off SR 4 on County Line Road avoiding the SR 4 road walk, but continuing on the trail from yesterday's end at McVay. It is just west of the Okaloosa County line. Early in the hike discovered this wonderful dusky red flowering plant. Just lots and lot and lots of them. Cindy and I lingered, taking many photos.

I walked in with others until I discovered that I didn't have my pack on when we stopped to take off jackets, getting warm. So I went back. From then on really enjoyed hike. Got mileage which am assuming is in video, but haven't watched it.

When got to the next road, Old Martin Rd., I recorded in the burn photos I've already uploaded, I walked in for a little bit to get the wildfire burn recorded. Walked back and think the whole walking was about 3.5 miles.

Someone is talking to me but couldn't hear her. {Was Sally.} She said she'd buy me batteries. Seems like I lost $20 and now have no cash. Maybe 20 cents. {Actually I had paid Peggy $30 for my share of the campsite.} Sally utterly refused my offer of a check, which became sort of a joke between us.

Peggy stopped by at noon or so saying she was going home for the night. She said she was meeting for dinner with others I could connect with. She now thinks I have a problem with being late. Not correct. I have a problem getting info from her and communicating the plan. I make assumptions and she is sketchy on info sometimes.

It is raining at 12:30p.m. That is there have been 3 sprinkles. I had moved my tent to be in the shade but with the fly on, it is roasting in here. Alternate with sun. Bright sun and in between overcast. Saw someone new this morning.

No more rain all afternoon. Took off fly, opened car windows. Really working at getting one photo onto the web. OK there are lots of other things I could do. Pisses me off that I finally have an event worth daily posts and I can't do it. It is 4:30 and I'm hungry. Thinking of doing dinner before bugs come out. Have one ankle bite that looks and feels like a chigger. Raised white center. Is getting red around. Where is that medicine. Hope is not Lyme bite.

They are going to Ryan's Steak House to eat out tonight. I declined. To bed at 8:30.

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