Day 4 Panhandle Trace Hike 2013

Day 4 Panhandle Trace Hike 2013

Panhandle Trace Hike #10, 2013Click image for Google map of starting locations. PHOTOS.

4/01/2013 In the night I woke at at about 12:30a.m. No rain. The Weather Channel (TWC) says is 60% chance at 4a.m. But could be all the way to 9a.m.

Kind of ironic. Came out here for one reason to breathe fresh air instead of being inside. And there's lots of burn in the air. Nose is stuffed up. I took B12 and vitamin D3 each day. Drank the grapefruit juice but no vitamin C. Must try to do.

Went back to sleep at 2:30a.m. and alarm woke me at 5:21. Got milk, grapefruit juice and chips for breakfast. Heated up the coffee I had made the day before and put it back in the thermos. Drank it on the hike. When I went to the bathroom I forgot the towel, toothbrush etc. package I'd assembled. So never did brush teeth. Still having an awful time keeping it together.

Did make it to Harold Store meeting place before 7a.m. and was delighted to hear Gail and also the person I call Lisa who is someone else, completely confused, saying to Peggy that they need to know exactly what, where, why, etc.

Gordy came up and dragged me off to see that Helen had started a book for Peggy since it it her 10th and last year doing this. So I missed all the various plans of different groups of people. However, I did learn that Sandy and John and some others (maybe) walked west from Harold Store, to cross Hwy 90 going north, then come back east and eventually back to the campground. Gordy said he did that part of the hike but went differently and did not see the pitcher plant field that Sandy saw. She said it was about 3 miles south of Deaton Bridge and hard to get to. I find that hard to imagine since it seems closer to 90 than that.

This was the marvelous Juniper Creek Day. I followed Peggy in my car and parked on Red Rock Rd. I started with hikers up to the bluffs, a marvelous view 80' above the creek below. The bluffs are weathered red, quite dramatic. When the hikers went on, I circled back along the creek with Susan and Peggy, in a side trail to see the flowers, Mountain Laurel. Got a few shots but they aren't blooming much. Peggy thinks is too early. When got to the road I went back on the trail to put on some miles. Wanted to hike to the lean-to that Peggy said had not been burned.

Isn't it interesting. These memories are so vivid and seeming to be so completely documented, but there isn't a trace in the journal. Got good photos of juniper and more. It was farther than Peggy's estimate (1.6 miles, not 1). Hers are rounded off to the whole mile, maybe. Enjoyed reading entries in the journal kept in the lean-to. Added one of my own.

After I returned to the campsite for lunch, I followed Peggy's directions and drove 5 miles west on Hwy 90 from Harold store to Hwy 87. Turned left, going south, under I-10 and there were 3 motels. I went to the cheapest, which was $49 a night and had no laundry. I went to Comfort Inn and it was a delightful environment with laundry. But $85. Argh. I just went for it, reserving the night of Day 6 when Peggy has no campsite to share. The other one (a Holiday Inn) was more expensive, I'm sure. Went back to Harold store, got ice for my cooler and some beer, so I could use my credit card.

Tonight talked to Gordy at length and John came over to look at my Insight car and talk. He's the partner of Sandra Friend. Interesting web site ideas. I was feeling so good after yoga at 5:15 that I thought I might go out to eat with the group. Called Peggy who was here at noon but not after that. She was at home. Said camping isn't so fun anymore. I get the feeling everything is falling apart for this hike and it is very difficult for her. Part of the Eglin section is closed. It might rain on Thursday. Each group is doing something different.

I'm looking at tomorrow and thinking I'd like to do the 6 miles, in which case I'd have to be wherever they are meeting, maybe different if no one wants to do the road walk.

If I hadn't called Peggy and later looked at the web, I would not have known of the change in hike logistics. We hike away from our cars at the meeting place and the transport back is at the end of the hike.

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