Dan Callarman, dome fixer

Daniel Callarman After Fixing Wholeo Dome

photo by Nick Tighe

locationWholeo guide, Wonder

Wholeo Dome 2010

In May, 2010 I got this message from Daniel Callarman:

"Blessings Caroling, Just finished repairing your most far out Wholeo. What an amazing expression of the soul! I feel I kept true to the original message. Peace and thanks for your LIGHT!!!".

This was the peak of messages I had been getting from Nick Tighe for a couple of years. Here is Nick's photo of Wholeo Dome showing the repaired panels. This is right after Nick removed the fencing that had been installed for protection, but was visually distracting.

I'm eternally grateful to Nick Tighe, Daniel Callarman, and whoever else helped or is helping maintain Wholeo Dome. Being leaded stained glass, it can last for centuries with proper care. See also conservation and 2010 repairs.

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