11d. History (part of 11. documentation )
  1. 3/03 Email from Alicia Bay Laurel
  2. Online, met Char and others and learned of Hippie Museum
  3. 7/29 - 31/03 Visit The Farm, met key people, yoga, swim, stayed at Inn
  4. 8/03 Call Sharon and other contacts from FL to The Farm
    1. Email to Albert Bates
    2. Email to Bernice
  5. Registered for The Farm Experience 9/19 - 21/03
  6. Set up web pages for virtual Hippie Museum about Bump and Wholeo and Wholeo branch (www)
  7. Started Wholeo location web pages at Trips/Wholeo/GlassDome/location/whDomeLocation.htm
    1. Wholeo at the Farm logo
    2. Email to Vickie Montagne asking if logo OK
      and email to Bernice about the location site.
    3. Started notebook green binder of maps, printouts of email and such
  8. Started planning documents (Inspiration and PMX project) in addition to journals, papers, and online
  9. Talk to Sharon week of Aug. 14 and 20
    Email to Randy. Email to Albert.
  10. Publish toplevel private index thefarm.html to plan web pages
    Has link to Wholeo Dome Location Plan, which I publish frequently to keep up to date. Told Randy.
  11. email reply from Bernice, positive and encouraging
    Have been getting supply info from Harriet Hyams, old friend from NJ/NY/Greenland Studios, who still does stained glass
  12. 8/28 - 8/31/03 Visit The Farm for PTSA meeting and site location
    Slide show of images in the Wholeo Book.
  13. Creating site plans for foundation. Sending prints to Sharon.
    She passed them on to Joel Kachinsky, called with news she is too busy to email.
  14. 9/19/03The Farm Experience weekend
    19-22. Extend to work on Wholeo project. Agreement started with Joel. Site discussed with Robert, who introduced me to Francesco, mason. Saw straw bale construction. Could be foundation?
  15. 9/29/03 Bought stainless steel bolts, nuts, and washers $55.48.
  16. 9/29/03 Caroling sends copyright registration copy to Joel.
  17. October communications
    Joel email received copyright. Sharon calls and emails. Caroling email 10/21/03 to Joel asking for agreement time expectation.
  18. 12/2/03 Received Agreement draft email from The Farm School
    Considering it. Realize have to clearly distinguish Wholeo Dome from Wholeo Online, Wholeo Books, Wholeo Symbol, and wholeo.net website. Both online and in communictions. Starting to redo website. Consider whether the logo, Wholeo at The Farm needs redoing. Actually it is Wholeo Dome at The Farm School.
  19. 1/4/04
    Amended Agreement as per Ken Goldberg's legal advice. Emailed it to Shaon, Joel, and Albert.
  20. 2/29/04 Sign Agreement
    Can proceed.
  21. With agreement, Ready to put up Dome frame temporarily
    Need to find exact location and plan foundation by trial and error, seeing in place
  22. 4/1/04 Ordered Tent, pegs, ground tarp, and mallet delivered April 1
  23. Sharon and crew due to pick up dome parts for transport April 4-7
  24. 4/7/04 Sharon, Robert, and Hope drove van containing glass panels and associated frame and tools from Santa Rosa Beach, FL to The Farm School
  25. 4/8/04 Caroling, Patrick, and Mark (a visitor to The Farm) unloaded the truck, putting all the materials in the Art Room of the school.
  26. 4/9/04 Caroling and Mark put up the Wholeo Dome Work Tent
  27. 4/10/04 Caroling cleaned up art room and bought supplies in Laurenceville. Wedding party at night.
  28. 4/11/04 Supposed to be a work day on Easter Sunday at 2:30. Caroling got almost all color-coded stickers on struts. Help from Vickie and Patrick. Put together 1 panel top. Decided to do 10 panels instead of 5. More modular and easily stored and moved.
  29. 4/13/04 Caroling and Mark set up shop in the Art Room, putting together the 9 remaining panels in 5 hours. It is snowing.
  30. 4/17/04 Slide show after opening circle of Unity Festival
  31. 4/18/04 Site finalized by Patrick Montagne, frame assembled by volunteers, foundation drainage and fence constructed, led by Ecovillage Training Center (managed by Jennifer and Matthew English under direction of Albert Bates. Architect Dafyd Rawlings and mason Francesco Casini involved in the design.)
  32. 4/25/04 ETC volunteers enlarged fence to provide space for frame beside foundation. Under direction of Francesco Casini. Caroling in FL.
  33. 4/28/04 Caroling returns to set up glass studio. Helped by daughter Elizabeth who arrived 4/29/04.
  34. 5/8/04 Francesco, Elizabeth, Farm people, ETC, and Alternative School people poured ooncrete foundation ring and posts.
    ETC third work party
  35. 5/10/04 Elizabeth back to NJ, Caroling checks bottom tier of struts, finding one missing and two exchanged in position.
  36. 5/12-5-18, Caroling back to Florida to plan and create docs for placing glass on frame. Frame has a dent in one hub.
  37. 5/19/04Caroling back to Farm. Joel is creating a level floor within the foundation.
  38. 5/20/04 Casting rigid polyurethane foam forms for table tops to facilitate working on more than one glass panel at a time. Help from High School students and Forest. Sharon shoots video.
  39. 5/ 21/04 High shcoolers learning and starting to repair glass panels for installation.
  40. 5/27/04 Francesco creates inner entrance to dome
    Finished the next day so Joel can finish filling the floor. 6/1/04 both Joel and Francesco get loads of pea gravel for the floor of the dome.
  41. 6/2/04 Attached retaining signs to posts and moved dome frame onto foundation
    Filled pea gravel smoothly.so floor ready to work. Checked all dome struts and completed frame. Got tarp and plywood panels for ladders on gravel.
  42. 6/5/04 Started attaching stained glass to frame
  43. 6/6/04 Fourth ETC work party
    Lined dome edge with mound of gravel, put washers on foundation clips, finished the entry drains, carried lead from studio to tent, added Joel's donated wire mesh fence with a clever closing gate, and helped install stained glass panels on dome.
  44. 6/13/04 Fifth ETC work party
    Repaired glass panels and attached on dome frame.
  45. 6/11-13/04 Martin Duffy shoots video
    Storm splits tent rain fly. ETC work party cancelled because of rain. People that helped out: Mark Hubbard, Betsy, Avery, Melina Bloomfield, Ramon Bloomfield, Louey Kachinsky, Vickie and Patrick Montagne. Patrick read the stained glass book, worked on two panels, made a lathekin, and is best qualified to make repairs to Wholeo Dome.
  46. 7/19/04 Duffy provides camera for second set of videos
    Caleb Wilson helps doing videos.
  47. 7/25/04 Installed last panel
  48. 7/26/04 Caroling back to Florida to do research on filling light leaks
  49. 7/26/04 Sixth ETC work party
    Apprentices reconfigured the plastic construction fence, added a wooden gate to the north, and loosely completed in the south with the rolled wire fencing.They had done site designs.
  50. 8/6/04 Caroling back to Farm to finish installation.
    Dressed wire ties, fixed warped panels, filled light leaks in dome. Stored stained glass studio and cleaned art room. Completed on 8/10/04. Wholeo needs more cleaning and filling tiny light leaks before opening to the public.
    1. Stored in NE corner of Farm School Art Room
      3 boxes of lead, 2 ladders, several pieces of plywood and pegboard, bucket, wastebasket with misc. small items.
    2. Stored by Patrick Montagne
      Package of large pieces of stained glass.
      Box of small pieces of stained glass.
      Filing box with dome installation guide pictures, tools, and other glass studio supplies.
      Bag of glass cleaning supplies and dome patch materials including caulk gun, glues, liquid metal and such.
      1 of each: convex and concave plastic table tops for glazing leaded stained glass panels to the curvature of the dome
      Lathekin that Patrick made .
      Patrick has taken the greatest interest in technical aspects of Wholeo Dome of any person. He has spent the most time in actual repair and installation of panels so he has the best understanding of specific issues.
    3. Retained by Caroling for the Hippie Museum
      Handmade glazing knife and two lathekins given to her by guys in the stained glass shops where she learned
      Two boxes of tiny glass samples
  51. August, 2004 project needs for completion
    Site requirements are not part of the written agreement. They are needed to provide safe public access to the artwork.
    1. Minimal wire fence with gravity-closing gate
    2. Finished exterior portion of the entrance
      September, '04 status, with design for entrance
    3. Path from road to gate
      Possible welcome area transition between road and dome. Hitching post for horses and dogs. Seating.
    4. Bulletin board
      Description of the Wholeo Dome (could be a plaque, as described by Char~* at hippymuseum.org/personal Wholeo Dome pages)
      Rules protecting dome and public
      Guest book
    5. Removal of dead trees from woods to west
    6. Private opening for The Farm community
    7. Public dedication
  52. January, 2005 Caroling starts Conservation information online at wholeo.net
    Some vandalism to the dome in late 2004 causes action from Farm members.
    Caroling creating "Conservation: Fixing a glass panel" video/DVD
  53. Spring, 2005 Sharon and high-schoolers clean silk-screen studio corner for Wholeo dome stained glass studio
    1. Changes to The Farm School
      President of Board of Directors is Jerry Hutchins. Director of the school is Peter. Sharon has resigned and is no longer associated with Wholeo Dome. Diane is still doing books and accounting.
  54. July, 2005 Caroling to Farm, starting repair of dome by Farm people
    7/10/05 Contact paper not holding glass pieces, panels sagging almost beyond repair. Caroling photographs Wholeo and announces it is practically dead. Should be closed. Several people respond that they will help and do repairs. Set up studio, getting ladders and suppies stored in the art room and remaining studio stuff from Patrick Montagne's workshop.
  55. September, 2010 Caroling to Farm helping with conservation.
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  2. Trip page started
  3. Site requirements
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