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Introducing Installation of Wholeo Dome at The Farm School (wdatfs) video studies. What does study mean? Combines my study of video as a medium with the audio/visual/textual content in playful juxtapositions. It loosens and expands the point of view. Asks what is video? Elements of studies find their way into a video. Doing a study implies exploration of something new and experimenting. If the first idea is the box, the final idea might still be the box, but it is a box studied inside, around, and out.

Study5 is Color. QuickTime (4.7 MB) or Macromedia Flash (4.4MB) versions.

Study4 is Ecovillage Training Center. A seven-minute movie and images.

Study3 is Laughing. Short (43 seconds) but packed together laughs. Versions are:

Study 2 is called Caroling, Herstory. In less than two minutes, Caroling tells the history of Wholeo Dome, from idea to being reborn on The Farm in 2004. Various viewing versions of Study 2 are:

Study 1,  Welcome, features interviews for the full-length video, Installation of Wholeo Dome at The Farm School. Various viewing versions of Study 1 are:

See also the Wholeo Dome location page.

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