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wdatfs Study 4 Ecovillage Training Center

Installation of Wholeo Dome at The Farm (wdatfs) Study 4 movie and images. In the image above, the words "They stayed" refers to the hippies that originally established The Farm. See images for descriptions, below for movie details, and the wdatfs Study intro.

The topic is a look around the Institute for Appropriate Technology, Ecovillage Training Center (ETC), which is close to Wholeo Dome at The Farm.

Story of the movie Visit to the ETC

The scene opens with buses from the original caravan led by Stephen Gaskin coming from San Francisco in 1971. These buses are parked at the ETC, which is the work of the Institute for Appropriate Technology.

mapThe voice of the video photographer, Martin Duffy, narrates, in conversation with Caroling, artist who is donating Wholeo Dome to The Farm School, near here. We find a map to the Center.

Caroling talks with Albert Bates, founder of the ETC. The Dream Tree painting by Bernice Davidson, a member of the Farm, illustrates the connections forming in the community, even in sleep. A pond against the forest shows the incredible beauty. Bates tells about the flow of visitors and the new chickens.

Back to the map, Caroling mentions Albert's website: http://www.thefarm.org. The cistern mentioned collects rainwater, uphill, at the entrance to the ETC. We walk past a pipe trickling water, powered by a solar pump. We enter the Organic Garden centered on a Peace Pole that says, "May Peace Prevail on Earth".

Passing the entrance to the duck and chicken coop, Caroling tells how the rooster attacked when she tried to get the them in for the night.

Caroling says that in Permaculture building, you take what is there and move it up to the roof. After that, Martin asks about Permaculture several times but gets no answer. We see several rooftops covered with living plants. Pictures show the interior of the sauna under construction, with butterfly, lizard, and tree motifs on the walls.

An outdoor oven is sculpted and painted as a huge head, whose mouth is the door.

Caroling says cob building material is mixed mud and straw. It covers the Hipitat. The walls are formed from earthbags piled and pounded into place.

windowThe Green Dragon is named after a literary pub. Caroling explains that the building methods should not be damaging to earth and also should use less energy-intensive materials. The wood in the roofs is milled by students and apprentices from trees on this land. Inside the cavernous interior, windows make the forest look intensely green, say, viridian.

The end of the movie shows a few other buildings. The background of the credits is an aerial map from 2004.

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