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Wholeo Dome - keeping it happy

This page is about how to keep Wholeo Dome happy. Enclose, protect, invite, inform, and enjoy. Each topic has links to more info. Also, see a list of of the links to more info.


Set apart as a special place in a transparent fence with gravity closing gate.


Keep candles, smoking, fires, drinking, sports, and pets outside the fence. Clean debris from the top. Look, don't touch. See candle damage.


Provide a welcoming rest area with a bench and hitching post on foot paths for access from the school and parking on the road. Complete the entry. See path design, and entry.


Construct a bulletin board with introduction to Wholeo Dome, events, guidelines for protection, and a guest book. In case of emergency or damage, contact the Gate or school personnel.


Color healing, meditating, getting guidance, playing music, chanting, singing, moving, vision questing, photographing, sun bathing, tracking changes during day, season, year and in different weather conditions, and being.

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