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Wholeo Dome location - possible paths

This page shows paths designed for Wholeo Dome at The Farm School. Mark Hubbard and his sister grew up on The Farm. On June 28, 2004, they came to help work on Wholeo Dome. When I suggested using the extra gravel for paths, he said he'd dowse for them, asking the wisdom of the dome, road, and school site to help him find the best way.

Starting at the dome and looking at the school, he used sister's necklace pendant as a pendulum. Internally, he asked where the path should go. The pendant swung and Mark took a step in the direction indicated. I followed, dropping gravel to mark the path. After finding the path from dome to school, Mark restarted where people would be coming from Schoolhouse Rd. Again I marked the path with gravel. It felt great to tune in to follow this guidance. The paths were attractive curves.

Later we found out that gravel would clog the grass mower. Also, by itself, gravel can't serve as a path; before long, weeds grow up through it. I had to remove all the gravel. Perhaps these pictures can be part of the path planning process. There are more in the series. Click a small picture to see a larger version.

from school a. from school to dome

from road b. from road to dome

from dome to school c. from dome to school

to dome close d. middle to dome

from dome close e. dome to paths

path pictures school to dome from road to dome dome to school paths to dome paths from dome f. Map from Ecovillage Training Center Farm site design proposal. 1 is the community Center, 2 is the school, 5 is Wholeo Dome. Red letters a-e show the locations of the photos. You can click a letter to see the picture.

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